What are Slack alternatives?

I'm looking for similar tools
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    Loop Email

    Emailing for teams: Organize your Inbox into channels 💌

    Ana TopoljskiSocial Media Manager · Written
    Loop brings team messaging to your inbox so you and your team can share emails and quick messages in one place. Loop is a secure email desktop app that works with your Gmail, Outlook or any Office365 account. Install Loop, connect it with your existing inbox, create your sales, marketing, management or any other project teams and start messaging.😻😎
  2. Keep docs, photos, and videos in context by adding them to conversations and much more features in troop messenger
    Neha MalikProvide workshops for entrepreneurs · Written
    A shortcut to office chat that protects your corporate interactions without compromising on privacy
    Tripathi NairDocumenting Tech Influence on People · Written
    Troop messenger is the best app for communication, easily communicate with the business team it has features like audio/video calling, document sharing, file sharing and more within one on one screen.
  3. A feature for feature competitor for Slack
    Cheaper alternative, slicker UI, faster mobile app. Enables you to migrate your Slack history with you!
    The developer platform is great for building custom apps. The quality of integrations are much better.
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    Collaborate right in your inbox

    Philippe Lehoux made this product
    The email client UI applied to team messaging is our core innovation. We firmly believe that the volume of internal conversations in organizations, even small ones, is so massive that it requires something more powerful than the infinite channels offered by Slack. See this link for details on the difference between Slack and Missive: https://missiveapp.com/slack-vs-...
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    Open source, on-premises, Slack alternative

    Kunal BhatiaCo-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp · Written
    I actually enjoy using Mattermost. We are using it for YC Startup School in the Founder's Track. It's free and they're actively developing it.
    Marco GrafMaker of Sleekplan · Written
    An open source Slack alternative..
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    Teamwork made easy, Get Sh!t Done without email

    Online Collaboration app for teams. Azendoo helps you organize your work, plan team projects, share documents and sync with your team, outside of email.
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    HipChat 2.0

    Group chat and IM built for teams.

    HipChat is group chat built for teams & business. Free for unlimited users, enjoy unlimited group chat, video chat & screen sharing.
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    Social enterprise platform

    Bitrix24 is a complete suite of social collaboration, communication and management tools for your team.
    Enterprising Josh made this product
    Bitirix24 is the best Slack alternative - free unlimited uses, no stupid history search limits, great project management features (tasks, subtasks, gantt, time tracking)
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    Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft's Slack competitor

    See content and chat history anytime in team chat or in private chat. Schedule small group or team meetings. Post an email in the thread to keep the team in the loop. Search for public teams to collaborate on shared projects.
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  10. eXo Platform, a digital collaboration platform for business portals and social intranets, provides collaborative solutions to enhance productivity and teamwork.
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    All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers

    All-in-one voice and text chat :)
  12. Lizaveta SalianikCustomer Care Manager, Dream Support · Written
    Basecamp is incredible for company's management and communication when everyone works from home. Not only are there Campfires for communications, you can also create teams, who are in charge of different projects, post to-dos and ! there is no need to hold daily meetings - you can just use the Automatic check-ins feature for that and stay on track with everyone. Highly recommended:)
  13. RozBahramiDigital Media Manager, Skyprep · Written
    Similar to Slack but with content coming first them messaging being attached to each piece of content so nothing is ever lost in an endless stream of chat-threads.
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    Your own open source Slack-like chat

    Open source alternative to Slack
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    Team communication from a team of Ex-Skypers

    Fleep messenger enables communication within and across organizations - be it your team chats, project communication or 1:1 conversations.
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    A powerful team collaboration and communication tool

    Moxtra is the collaboration companion that works the way teams do: flexibly and simply, in real-time or anytime. Your iPhone/iPad/iPod has changed how, when, and where you work. And now you can take Moxtra with you to work faster and more productively. With the Moxtra app, you can switch from "What do you think about this?" to "Let’s meet and decide right now!" with a single click.
  17. Ryver streams together all your messages, notes, and discussions to improve productivity and deepen relationships.
  18. Phil RenAdvisor of Driva.ai, the elder one. · Written
    This product is still Chinese centric, but soon to expand as multi language. It is an equivalent to slack+trello+dropbox, which are the most essential collaboration apps for any team. The enterprise version sold in China costs only $3 dollars per user.month, as its US alternatives cost more than $45 easily. The product still needs to add lots of international products integrations before it serves US customers need set.
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    Chat that autocompletes your company data while typing

    A good alternative to Slack
  20. Easy setup and have modern features