Best OKR app or software?

Looking for affordable Goal setting/OKR app that you have used and loved.... any suggestions?
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    Reach your personal goals with OKRs

    Alex Svanevik made this product
    Just launched on PH today! Currently #2 Product of the Day :) I made this product to scratch my own itch: I wanted a simple web app for OKRs (objectives and key results). Hope you like it!
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    Measure everything and improve what counts 📈

    Jordan Angelov made this product
    The world's most sophisticated OKRs platform.
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    Achieve your goals using personal objectives and key results

    Sam Rye
    Sam RyePractitioner of Social & Enviro Regen · Written
    Not bad bit not mobile optimised
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    Gopinath Rajagopal
    Gopinath RajagopalFounder of normalyz · Written
    Gopinath Rajagopal made this product
    We help teams understand their customers, make better decisions, and do great work. Normalyz is a cloud based OKR project and performance management platform, which helps organizations to achieve their strategical visions into life. users can create Objectives based on their company goals on any hierarchy and cascade it to the last level Organization, Teams and Individuals. Track and have a transparent vizualization on both the leadership and employees. Also, will help in capturing risk, issues and opportunities raising in everyday work, assign and follow the workflow to get it mitigated. Normalyz will also have interface for employees to add their career goals on what they want to achieve in the next quarter or year. and managers can keep track on those items, conduction one:one and help the team to achieve it. Also, it will give us the way for managers to evaluate the performance as well "in one click" We believe, every organization is having a wide gap between the company's objective and employees commitment to it, based on multiple surveys and feedbacks. and we can build the commitment and reliability from employees in an organization, if we make them feel they are having a part in company's growth. Also, leaderships finds it hard to get to know how each and every individual, team and organizations are performing. though there are many practices of reporting, we don't get the actuals. Normalyz found Objectives and Key Results framework by Andrew Grove (Former CEO of Intel Corporation) perfectly fits the gap. with that. Employee knows how much he is contributing towards the company's growth. Leadership will be able identify the performance of individual, team and org. There will be a clear relationship between the employees task with the company's objective. Evaluation of employee performance will be easy with one click. Normalyz is scalable and can be used from small to large organizations, Also, the OKR process is not industry centric. So normalyz can be used by any industries rite from Creative teams to Companies working on space programs. feel free to creat your account and try free.
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    Perdoo Growth Board

    Plan, track, and deliver revenue growth

    I don't like there tree view yet but it had all I needed. Under heavy development.
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    Simple OKR

    Reach goals by aligning teams through measurable Objectives

    Simple product if you want to stop using spreadsheets. Flat rate pricing.