Édouard Jamin
Édouard JaminProduct Owner @MobeyeApp

What plugin/app do you use to animate your Sketch file?

I'm looking for the easiest way to animate my Sketch file. Being 100% compatible with my Sketch source file is really important here.
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    Principle for Mac 3.0

    Send events between component and parent

    philipptemmel✌🏼Founder @dyfemagazine | Design Student · Edited
    Definitely Principle! Export your Artboards and just open them in Principle - done! Lots of animations, interactions, lots of options, just a great tool for putting together a prototype. UI is quite similiar to sketch, so everything feels familiar if you are a longterm sketch-user. At 129$ you get the perfect tool for turning your sketch artboards into animations and interactions.
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    Antoine Plu
    Antoine PluFreelance Designer · Written
    Definitely a must have
  2. 27
    Timeline for Sketch

    Create beautiful timeline animations in Sketch

    It works inside the Sketch UI.
  3. 20

    Create timeline animations directly in Sketch

    Kai Gradert
    Kai GradertDesigner at AngelList/Product Hunt · Written
    I just started using Diya. I like it so far. It exports to web prototypes, which makes sharing super easy.
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    Flinto for Mac

    The prototyping tool designers have been waiting for

    Sahil Sardessai
    Sahil SardessaiExperience designer, autodidact · Written
    Seamless import of Sketch files. Layers and contents stay intact and editable. Designing transitions and animations is such a breeze, it has a shallow learning curve.
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  5. Super easy and powerful. Very, very low learning curve, you'll master it in no time.
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    Kite Compositor

    A UI animation and prototyping application for Mac & iOS

    Kite is a great way to get more After Effects-style control and animations in a native Mac app experience.
    • Shannon Potter
      Shannon PotterUX Prototyper at Lyft

      Kite Compositor is my new go-to prototyping tool. As a long time iOS developer, most of my prototyping was just done in Xcode because I had complete access to Core Animation. Kite, unlike other tools, is built on top of Core Animation and exposes all (or most) of its features directly. As a result, the animations it builds are almost guaranteed to look exactly the same on device.

      Beyond that, it's just a well-designed app. As with most professional applications, the UI takes a bit of poking around at first to figure out how to do everything, but after just a day of playing with it, I became familiar with most of its capabilities.

    • Mihaela Mihaljević Jakić
      Mihaela Mihaljević JakićiOS Freelance developer

      Amazing tool for UI and learning Core Animation.

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    InVision Studio

    The world’s most powerful screen design tool

    Will Fanguy
    Will FanguyDigital Content Wrangler, InVision · Written
    Have you tried InVision Studio? It's in early access beta, and it'll import your Sketch file and let you add animation. You can also share it with folks via sharelink. It's pretty awesome.
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