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    Notion 2.0

    The all-in-one workspace - notes, tasks, wikis, & databases

    Keith BrinkFounder & CEO, Jasara Technology · Written
    I organize everything here now.
    JPFounder and Activist Researcher · Written
    Can do soooo much with this app!
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    Simple, responsive, one-page sites for pretty much anything.

    Davis BaerCo-Founder of OneUp · Written
    Carrd makes it unbelievably easy (and cheap) to create a one page site
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    Carrd is best
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    AI career service to help you land a dream job 🤖

    Vad SapozhnykovAI Marketing Manager 🤖 · Written
    Vad Sapozhnykov made this product
    Let Artificial Intelligence do the best selling resume and land a dream job!
    Aya LischBusiness Development Manager · Written
    Extremely useful website. Had so much fun creating my resume. Strongly recommend
    I was impressed by the quality of the resume! :)
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    Forest Admin

    Your back office, redefined.

    Thomas DIDIERHead of Marketing · Written
    A great SaaS back-office solution (full disclosure, I joined the team after founding them in PH ^^)
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    One app to rule them all

    Josh TristramWow, thats cool. · Written
    Makes working with online products so much faster.
    Jeroen JansenDirector, Evidence Aid · Written
    Great tool!
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    Amazing Marvin

    Customizable task manager and day planner

    George Gonzalez-RivasA man like any other. Only more so. · Written
    replaced my other task/to-do managers. Combo of calendar, task manager, planner (because of its porjects/sub-tasks feature).
    Alexandra MartelWeb Marketing Enthusiast · Written
    It's magic. I'm addicted. :)
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    It's a better Trello. I love it! You can dump all your information and then look at it all different types of ways.
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    Measure every pixel on your screen with ease ✨

    Fits perfectly in my everyday workflow.
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    Alfred 3

    The Mac's best launcher just got a whole lot better

    I've been using it for 1 year, and it never gets old, I don't even use spotlight anymore.
  10. Pia EncarnacionAssociate Product Manager · Written
    Great app to manage one's expenses and earnings. Now I use it everyday
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    Adjusts your computer's display to adapt to the time of day

    Ish JindalFounder, Tars · Written
    A lot of people have asked me why my mac screen looks different :)
  12. SQL Complete gives you a great opportunity to fight unintelligible poorly formatted SQL code. Set the wide range of formatting options so that the code is formatted in accordance with your needs and preferences - code will be easier to read, understand, debug, and test.
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    Mockup Generator

    Create attractive product screenshots with just a few clicks

    Lorenzo FioriMarketing&SM Manager at Nanosystems · Written
    I like how easy this program makes it for me to do the mockups for the graphics I am working on
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    Coffeelinks by Buy Me A Coffee

    Easiest way for creators to sell online

    Larisa DeacUX/UI Designer · Written
    I think it's a really simple and clever way to collect contributions, and it looks great too, which I appreciate!
  15. Mac HinesI like games · Written
    My friend posted this from my account because he didn't have his own. It's a game he made and he's really proud of it and I am too. It's fun and simple yet challenging. Definitely worth checking it out
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  17. gvs chaitanyaGrowthHacker- strategic-marketing - · Written
    http://sayint.ai Its a Great SaaS product for Content centres to Understand Agent performance analytics during a call.
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    Markdown + calendar + notes

    Stowe Boydfuturist, researcher, imperfectionist · Written
    Now my daily journaling, task management, 'work processing app' which I discovered here on ProductHunt.
  19. Andrew MasykFounder, Simkl.com · Written
    Andrew Masyk made this product
    Makes choosing what to watch on Netflix easy