What is a product that will help to manage user testing / app testing?

We'd like to test a couple of concepts for our new search filters with real users before investing serious dev hours. Do you know of any tools that can help us with organising the tests / finding testers?
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    Smartlook Qualitative Analytics

    Free user recording, heatmaps and analytics for sites & apps

    Fabian MaumeFounder of Tetriz.io · Written
    Can provide you some qualitative data to help you filter out the ideas.
    Leo Le RoyMarketing consultant · Written
    User reccording really helps to undersand how user uses the product.
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    The best user feedback tool for startups

    Fabian MaumeFounder of Tetriz.io · Written
    Will enable you to create some roadmap where the user can vote for directions.
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    Affordable remote user testing built for rapid user feedback

    Kunal BhatiaDesign @ Mercury · Written
    UserTest.io is a great way to get started with testing. They can help you recruit participants or you can send it to your own participants. I love their philosophy.
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    AppSumo Marketing Stack (everything you need to get your first 1,000 customers)
    For testing with real users you should rather try A/B testing and quick feedback: AppSumo tools for page feedback should be useful there.
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    See every click, swipe and scroll on your site.

    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale · Written
    Not exactly what you asked for. But I think this would be useful for you. I've used UserTesting.com many times & it works really well. But I have found better insights by using Fullstory. I find it really helpful because you can see a user whose intention (not paid) is to use your service. Seeing where they get stuck/confused gives really quick feedback on where exactly you can improve your product.