What is a product that will help to manage user testing / app testing?

We'd like to test a couple of concepts for our new search filters with real users before investing serious dev hours. Do you know of any tools that can help us with organising the tests / finding testers?
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    Affordable remote user testing built for rapid user feedback

    Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal Bhatia50Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp · Written
    UserTest.io is a great way to get started with testing. They can help you recruit participants or you can send it to your own participants. I love their philosophy.
  2. I used it for one small batch of web app testing (circa 50 bugs found). Pretty easy to use even for people who haven't done similar tasks before.
  3. For testing with real users you should rather try A/B testing and quick feedback: AppSumo tools for page feedback should be useful there.
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    See every click, swipe and scroll on your site.

    Not exactly what you asked for. But I think this would be useful for you. I've used UserTesting.com many times & it works really well. But I have found better insights by using Fullstory. I find it really helpful because you can see a user whose intention (not paid) is to use your service. Seeing where they get stuck/confused gives really quick feedback on where exactly you can improve your product.
    • Ryan Hoover
      Ryan HooverFounder, Product Hunt

      When you're building a new products, user feedback is critical. You can gather feedback in a variety of ways, through in-person customer development interviews, surveys, and by simply looking at the data. I'm particularly fond of doing user testing (UserTesting is an awesome tool for this) although its only a "simulation" of what your users are actually doing.

      FullStory captures a screen recording of your site visitor's actions and behavior within (cue Steve Irwin impression) their natural environment. We've used it many times at Product Hunt to better understand how people are using new or beta features we're building. It's 👍🏼.

    • George Nurijanian
      George NurijanianPM, Online Republic

      They do one thing instead of many, and they do it well, but the pricing model didn't work all that well for us. Besides, it's still one step behind Amplitude and the likes in terms of seeing the customer journey. I would still recommend them for the search function.