Which sites do you take your latest AR related news from?

I'm looking for suggestions of sites where I can get the latest news from about AR. Thanks!
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Aleksandra@aleks_muse · Maker @ Planet:tech, Supergirls
@rautaalin Venturebeat's VR/AR section has been my favorite so far.
Vishnuᅟ ᅠ
Vishnuᅟ ᅠ@v2s2c · Engineer,Developer,Traveller
@rautaalin https://rolled.news/reality is my favorite for AR/VR/Mixed reality news.
Spandana@spandana_govindgari · Co-founder @ Hype
@rautaalin VRScout, NextReality, Inside AR
Abhirup Moitra
Abhirup Moitra@abhirup_moitra · Growth Hacker @ FlippAR
@rautaalin You can check out FlippAR
Josselin Colletta
Josselin Colletta@josselinco · VR/AR Maker @Black Euphoria
@rautaalin Inside VR & AR is a great newsletter :)
Dennis Ippel
Dennis Ippel@eurasiatic · Creator of zenscal.es and trila.io
@rautaalin VRFocus and Road to VR have plenty of interesting AR related news
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