Kate Skavishco-founder, Wave.video

What product do you use for content planner?

I am looking for a product to organize content and ideally to provide some inspiration for social media postings too
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    The note app for teams

    Thomas DIDIER6Marketing, Forest Admin 🌲 · Written
    It has a light editor, channels to organize content and loads of collaborative features. Perfect to organize your marketing content. Here is an exemple: https://slite.com/templates/cont...
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    Siobhan O'Rorke7Marketing @ Zenkit · Written
    Siobhan O'Rorke made this product
    At Zenkit we use Zenkit to plan all of our blog, website, and social media content (no surprises there!). It's super helpful because we can define the type of information we need to track about the articles, and easily assign users. I wrote an article on how we use it here: https://blog.zenkit.com/planning...
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    Organize anything, together

    Thomas DIDIER6Marketing, Forest Admin 🌲 · Written
    You can organize your content the way you want. Here is an interesting article on how to manage an editorial board https://blog.trello.com/moved-to...
  4. Thomas DIDIER6Marketing, Forest Admin 🌲 · Written
    Cool product. Easy to customize and use for your content management.