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Is parking a domain a viable business model?

I bought a domain that is a misspelling of a very popular it worth parking to earn revenue?
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Mick@mickc79 · Founder of http://SongBox.Rocks
@arthur_west_iv I should have added: I have owned hundreds of domains over the past 5 - 10 years. No-one pays crazy money for them anymore and parked pages don’t generate anything. There is always an exception to prove the rule, so why not go park yourself a domain and see what happens.
Arthur West IV@arthur_west_iv · Technology Enthusiast, Active Learner.
@mickc79 10-4 thanks for responding.
Mick@mickc79 · Founder of http://SongBox.Rocks
@arthur_west_iv in the vast vast vast majority of cases, no. Your question specifically states “a domain” so I’m treating this as the question is about one single domain. Unless you own something that ridiculous numbers of people will flock to organically, then no.
Asher Weinstein@asher_weinstein · Director of Digital Marketing
@arthur_west_iv Most large companies that want to buy domains already own them. Startups mostly think of alternatives to their preferred domain. Unless you bought the domains already, it's probably not worth investing in
Craig Davison@davisonio · Student
@arthur_west_iv so many GTLDs now that it's not worth it.
Jamie Ross@jamie_ross · HomelyPlanet
@arthur_west_iv yes, if they have SEO value, if you can "rent" links to people or have a 301 that rents parked pages then thats the best way to do this.
@arthur_west_iv Something you can try: contact the competitors of the misspelled domain, and see if they would bid on it. Then contact the misspelled company, and get them to counter-offer.
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