marekjckFounder @ CoinTrades

What app are you using for crypto portfolio management and visualization?

We are working on web app called CoinTrades. There is 75% ready but still not ready for production. Our main feature is that you can upload your order history files from Binance or Bittrex (more exchanges later). App will display clean and functional charts and main table automatically. No API connections at this point. You can add whatever coin manually of course. First beta will be for free naturally. Sounds like something you might like? Let me know. Cheers.
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    Keep track of all your cryptocurrency & ICO investments.

    Elegant app & practical. Only for visualization tho
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    Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

    Kuldeep SinghProduct Designer · Written
    Beautifully designed app & easy to use.
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    FREE track your cryptocurrency assets with API AUTO-IMPORT

    Ankit AggarwalBlockchain Tech · Written
    Pros: Frankly, the API integration of ALL major exchanges by BitUniverse does the trick. I don't have to update my portfolio on the app after every trade like Delta and Blockfolio. I just open it once a day, and I see my Net Value. That's all I need! Cons: Obviously, it still does not track investments in ICOs. It will be interesting if they (or any other app) can do that somehow.
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    Must-listen episodes from the best podcasts.

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    Altpocket - BETA

    Social gamification of your crypto portfolio

    I can track and manage my assets and they have a nice and qualitative community
  6. Free application (web site). Keep track of all your ICO investments.
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    The Most Advanced Crypto Portfolio Tracker 🚀

    It automatically imports my portfolio from both GDAX and Binance.
  8. Kate Skavishco-founder, · Written
    I use this product and very happy with it.
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    Google Sheets

    Excel in the cloud

    Shan HanI know some stuff about finance and tech · Written
    Completely customisable. I pull in price data and then keep track of different portfolios. It's got version control and redundancy baked in, especially if backed up periodically in another file format. The major downside is having to manually input holdings but I find that to be a good check – more than once I've found trade errors or partials that I thought were complete by this manual re-input process that forces me to check balances
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    Effortlessly manage your cryptocurrencies in one place

    Jonathan JamesAlways Reaching. · Written
    Contantly gaining new features, like Signal which allows you to get real-time updates from the actual teams-leadership behind a coin in-app
  11. zerostar07Evangelist of Nothing · Written
    It has more than tracking - you can play a simulation game to see less-known where other people are betting .. er... investing on . They also have a real time bot that detects price pumps in binance.