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What app are you using for crypto portfolio management and visualization?

We are working on web app called CoinTrades. There is 75% ready but still not ready for production. Our main feature is that you can upload your order history files from Binance or Bittrex (more exchanges later). App will display clean and functional charts and main table automatically. No API connections at this point. You can add whatever coin manually of course. First beta will be for free naturally. Sounds like something you might like? Let me know. Cheers.
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    Keep track of all your cryptocurrency & ICO investments.

    Elegant app & practical. Only for visualization tho
    Delta is best :D
    • @marty
      @martyDirector, Tens

      Haven't found anything even nearly as good as this on the market. Solid team and product, excited for things to come. Export to CSV and ability to sync data to the cloud would be welcome features.

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    • Hugo Jimenez
      Hugo JimenezGuadalajara ----> Los Angeles

      I've been using Delta since I entered the market in January but in the past week it's stopped working and their updates are only for Paid users. Their new Touch ID feature doesn't even work. Lately my portfolio seems to be totally wrong every other day.

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    Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

    Kuldeep Singh
    Kuldeep SinghProduct Designer · Written
    Beautifully designed app & easy to use.
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    FREE track your cryptocurrency assets with API AUTO-IMPORT

    Ankit Aggarwal
    Ankit AggarwalPartner @ Bitazu Capital · Written
    Pros: Frankly, the API integration of ALL major exchanges by BitUniverse does the trick. I don't have to update my portfolio on the app after every trade like Delta and Blockfolio. I just open it once a day, and I see my Net Value. That's all I need! Cons: Obviously, it still does not track investments in ICOs. It will be interesting if they (or any other app) can do that somehow.
    • Nyet Toporkov
      Nyet ToporkovFrontend developer

      With a single glance you can see the status of your portfolio in a global way. Of course it is also possible to access each currency individually, where we can see the graphs at different times. We also have the possibility to choose what price we want to see (possibility of selecting different exchanges).

      The functionality of tracking the percentage evolution of each currency in your portfolio in real time is great and very visual.

      Something that I thought was magnificent is the graphic in which we can see with colors the evolution of the value of our portfolio in the different exchanges.

      Finally, essential details, such as the possibility of selecting the currency in which we want to see prices (euro, dollar, yen... and many more).

      As for the design, we can say that everything is in place. The graphics on small screens are a bit complicated to solve, but they have done very well. The price charts of each currency can be viewed at different times.

      Application performance is superb, not a single unexpected shutdown. Since I have installed it, I have noticed that the battery lasts a little less. In 24 hours the average battery consumption of Bituniverse is 6%.

      Data consumption is the only thing I don't like about this application. I say that I don't like it, but it couldn't be any other way because there are constant queries to be made to different servers. It's a bad thing to suffer and cannot be avoided, but if you are connected to WIFI there is no problem!

    • 用过最好的软件之一

  4. Clean&brilliant, auto import and update my holdings
    I been using coinbox for a month, it auto-sync my portfolio with APIs, and very nice historical graphs and interface.
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    Track all your Crypto portfolios automatically 🚀

    Floran Pagliai
    Floran PagliaiLead Developer at Weglot · Written
    Floran Pagliai made this product
    Auto import with API key or public address, for free with beautiful UI.
    • Jon Collier
      Jon CollierDisturbingly Enthusiastic

      Although it feels a bit beta, I love Moonlio. It's the perfect place to track the performance of my various cryptoassets which are scattered all over the internet.

    • David M G Morais
      David M G MoraisProduct manager

      Simple way to have all cryptocurrencies portfolios in one platform. Good UX. You can track the more important metrics with the right data (in another platforms, the data was wrong). I recommend.

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    The Most Advanced Crypto Portfolio Tracker 🚀

    It automatically imports my portfolio from both GDAX and Binance.
    • Eric Anderson
      Eric AndersonDirector of Web Engineering at Keen IO

      This is an awesome product. I was looking for something like this out of Coinbase, but it never came. It makes more sense from a 3rd party anyway, as you can grab data across wallets/exchanges.

    • Great product and needed at this time. Crypto can be very chaotic, this brings some control over the chaos and looks much better than any app in the crypto world.

  7. Kate Skavish
    Kate SkavishLove cats, kids and travel · Written
    I use this product and very happy with it.
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    Effortlessly monitor & manage all your crypto in one place

    Jonathan James
    Jonathan JamesAlways Reaching. · Written
    Contantly gaining new features, like Signal which allows you to get real-time updates from the actual teams-leadership behind a coin in-app
    • Nathan Mayer
      Nathan MayerArtist on the Blockchain.

      This app really does exactly what I need- monitors prices on the go for all my altcoins and projects I follow. The design is clean and easy to use, I really enjoy the app.

    • Marvin Kowalski
      Marvin KowalskiIndo Taxi Driver

      My son introduced me to this app and I LOVE it. Really easy to monitor coins, which is something we can talk about and connect on. I had a few issues with the app but Blockfolio support solved the issue within five minutes of writing them on live chat. Excellent service!

  9. They are working on creating welthfront for crypto.
    Thanks for the shout out Aziz!
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    Altpocket - BETA

    Social gamification of your crypto portfolio

    I can track and manage my assets and they have a nice and qualitative community
    • Joe Grech
      Joe GrechChief Operations Officer

      I sit on Altpocket all day. It's great for keeping track of my portfolio and interacting with other investors!

  11. Free application (web site). Keep track of all your ICO investments.
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    Google Sheets

    Excel in the cloud

    Shan Han
    Shan HanI know some stuff about finance and tech · Written
    Completely customisable. I pull in price data and then keep track of different portfolios. It's got version control and redundancy baked in, especially if backed up periodically in another file format. The major downside is having to manually input holdings but I find that to be a good check – more than once I've found trade errors or partials that I thought were complete by this manual re-input process that forces me to check balances
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    Robinhood Crypto

    Zero-fee cryptocurrency trading from Robinhood 💸

    With a sleek design and support for multiple currencies, zero-fee Robinhood has become my go-to for Bitcoin after years of stocks trading! It's simply the best!
    • Sean M Masters
      Sean M MastersLaunching since Space Shuttle Columbia.

      I'll recommend it once I can actually use it. It appears that the waitlist only keeps increasing, and I've got no way of knowing whether that means I'm #10 or #947,361.

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    • Brian McCabe
      Brian McCabeWeb Enthusiast with a angle for apps

      they suck, they sell al yoru trade data for HFC traders to bid ahead of you

  14. K. Hossenbux made this product
    I made this one because I didn't like other apps on Desktop (shameless plug 😅)
  15. Exaking
    ExakingCryptocurrency Lover · Written
    Exaking made this product
    Keep track of all your cryptocurrency investments. Analyse historical graphs and more.
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    The most trusted cryptocurrency tax and portfolio manager

    John Egan
    John EganMobile Product Manager from Chicago⚡️ · Written
    One of the newest crypto portfolio trackers and quickly became the best one. Great UX/UI. Highly recommend.
    • Devin Finzer
      Devin FinzerDeveloper

      I've been using CoinTracker for months now, and I love it! It's super intelligent about aggregating data from your account. Love the hassle-free tracking :)

    • Martin Perinaj
      Martin PerinajUX lebowski

      if I'd to request one feature, it would be sorting of columns. And if you want another one :) then that would be a small trend chart of change next to each coin like have. Otherwise doing good job guys. ✌

  17. I was using ICO Pulse to make my investment and to get crypto for social activity. You can track all your crypto and to know the right income there.
  18. zerostar07
    zerostar07Evangelist of Nothing · Written
    It has more than tracking - you can play a simulation game to see less-known where other people are betting .. er... investing on . They also have a real time bot that detects price pumps in binance.