Kevin LouFounder, Anytable 🍜

What are good alternatives to UserTesting?

I'm trying to run user research tests for a mobile app, and wanted to see what everyone else is using to do app user research.
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    Feedback Tools

    Curated directory of tools for getting all the feedback

    Adeel FaisalMaking something new ;) · Written
    You can find multiple options in this directory.
  2. 3
    InVision + UserTesting

    A free integration for better user research

    Maybe not alternatives but it will help you.
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    Pairing makers with testers

    Sam DickieProduct Manager| NoCode| BetaTesta · Written
    Sam Dickie made this product
    Full disclosure - this is a product I built. Currently has over 400 willing testers registered with a variety of backgrounds, skills and specialisms perfect for UX/UI reviews, usability testing and general feedback. Only £5 for access to the list. I'm currently rebuilding this platform from the ground up. More details on that coming shortly
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    Erli Bird

    Early adopter feedback and beta testing community

    Gil AkosCo-founder, CEO at Astra · Written
    Offers range of feedback types. We used to gather feedback for a clickthrough demo. Somewhat manual set up but good data received for a reasonable cost.
  5. They recruit and record people using your apps. I've done a test for them and as a UX designer I can say its quite nice to have this kind of feedback.