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What are good alternatives to UserTesting?

I'm trying to run user research tests for a mobile app, and wanted to see what everyone else is using to do app user research.
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    Feedback Tools

    Curated directory of tools for getting all the feedback

    Adeel FaisalMaking something new ;) · Written
    You can find multiple options in this directory.
    Phố Đồ GỗPhố Đồ Gỗ · Written
    You should try Feedback Tools
  2. 17

    Beautiful & actionable analytics for InVision prototypes

    Jonathan WidawskiFounder @mazedesignhq · Written
    Jonathan Widawski made this product
    I'm biased since this is my product, but Maze allows you to perform quantitative testing on your InVision or Marvel prototype! You'll then get a beautiful report with actionable KPIs like clicks, misclicks rate, heatmap, time spent..
  3. 18
    InVision + UserTesting

    A free integration for better user research

    Maybe not alternatives but it will help you.
  4. 4
    Erli Bird

    Early adopter feedback and beta testing community

    Gil AkosCo-founder, CEO at Astra · Written
    Offers range of feedback types. We used to gather feedback for a clickthrough demo. Somewhat manual set up but good data received for a reasonable cost.
  5. 5

    Pairing makers with testers

    Sam DickieProduct Manager Maker NoCode & BetaTesta · Written
    Sam Dickie made this product
    Full disclosure - this is a product I built. Currently has over 400 willing testers registered with a variety of backgrounds, skills and specialisms perfect for UX/UI reviews, usability testing and general feedback. Only £5 for access to the list. I'm currently rebuilding this platform from the ground up. More details on that coming shortly
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    Watch people talk about your product on-demand

    Junu YangCo-founder. Designer. Previously @IDEO · Edited
    Junu Yang made this product
    Videos of people actually talking and using your product. Free tool w/ your own users. 1/5 the cost of other services. Super simple to start a test and get back results.
  7. 2
    User Insights

    Get real user feedback on, well, anything.

    Terry Godier made this product
    I'm a little biased because I built this product, but I do believe it has a wider variety of use cases and is more simple than the other options. It's also like 1/5 the price :)
  8. OJ QuevedoUX+Product ♥️ Marketing · Written
    UserZoom is the complete solution for liberating the critical UX insights businesses around the world need to create better user experiences. Customers can scale and automate their UX research through a market-leading combination of platform, services, and participant sourcing.
  9. 1

    See how your visitors are really using your site – for free

    Prasad LingawarGrowth @ Infracloud · Written
    One of the best tools out there in the market and too for free. I have been using it for 3 years now and quite happy with it.
  10. They recruit and record people using your apps. I've done a test for them and as a UX designer I can say its quite nice to have this kind of feedback.
  11. 2

    See how people really use your app

    Darlena TranProduct Designer, Disqus · Written
    Good-looking and intuitive UI for both the organizer and the participant. Great UX workflows as well.