Nick Timms
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What is your favorite Kanban tool for organizing things? (by things I mean work, life, social etc).

There's lots of task managers from Trello to Asana, to Jira and email tools too. What's your top ones and why?
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    Jessi Lu
    Jessi LuChange the future. · Written
    I work at Zenkit but I love this tool. I also use it for personal stuff and set up my own GTD board. You have a clean UI but with one click you can use between a lot of different features like Checklists for each Item, assign tasks or communicate with others. With the different Apps I´m able to use Zenkit on the run or everywhere I like - even without internet connection.
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    Founder Content

    World’s biggest curated list of resources for founders ❤️

    Nick Timms
    Nick Timms🏋️ Drag, 🚀 Whoisvisiting, 💭 more on site · Written
    Nick Timms made this product
    For email... :)
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    Agile task management, kanban, scrum, sprints and timers

    Vasil Enchev
    Vasil EnchevBuilding ORA.PM - Agile PM/Kanban/Timers · Written
    Vasil Enchev made this product
    The cleanest, most versatile and customizable workspace you will ever find. Could be used for anything from a simple to-do list to an agile sprint project! It’s very powerful, more powerful than Trello.
    Jeff Eisley
    Jeff EisleyI talk about apps on YouTube · Written
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    The All-in-one Product Management Platform

    Pavel Kukhnavets made this product
    The platform for product and project management, is a fully featured Kanban platform that offers all needed features to run Kanban projects and organize things. Using this tool, you'll get such powerful options as horizontal columns - Swimlanes that can be visualized as Blockers (the most urgent issues), current Tasks and Bugs and Someday swimlane (tasks that will likely never be implemented); Work in progress limits option (WIP limits) that can be crucial for determining bottlenecks, and many other useful features.
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    The work management platform for teams

    Matt Harney
    Matt HarneyWork @APPEALIE · Written
    I personally prefer Asana - appreciate ability to have work projects along with personal projects on one platform. Also appreciate their roll-out of Trello like boards and depth of integrations. ToDoIst can also be very good for organizing a mix of personal / work / social projects - like any "best tool" question, it depends on how much you use it and fits your own needs. Disclosure: this is my own opinion, although Asana was a winner of an APPEALIE SaaS Award which I am affiliated with: