What's your favorite to do list?

There are so many to do lists apps out there. Which one can't you live without?
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    Organize your life. Then go enjoy it.

    I use this for everything. The most awesome thing is the natural language input. 'Today at 3, call mom #mom' Puts a reminder at 3 today in the project 'mom'.
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    Capture ideas, things to do and places to see

    AshwinWeb/Software developer · Written
    Been using this for long time. Clean UX!
    Kate51Community @Tierion · Written
    I've been using Wunderlist going on four years now and I still haven't found anything better. The UI is clean and clear, the little "check off" animation is delightful, and all of my lists are always with me in the app! Total "homescreen classic".
    I have been using this for more than 3 years. I love the UX and never tried any other apps after using Wunderlist
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    Drag Pro

    Transform Gmail into organized To Do lists (like Trello)

    Nick TimmsDrag is live today (12th July)! · Written
    Nick Timms made this product
    Standalone To Do List apps are supercool and a must! But usually these are limited in how they can manage tasks inside emails. Drag helps layout your emails in a really simple way, saving time.
    I tried it out and it really makes the difference in my productivity.
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    Organize anything, together

    Jack Dweck20Product Manager at Unroll.Me · Written
    I'm all-in on Trello. I use it to organize my all of my work and personal tasks.
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    Paper 3.0

    The new sticky note

    I loved using this for a long time!! Although I'm bad at keeping to-do lists so have defaulted to Apple Notes (and to be honest, its perfect for me)
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    Google Keep

    Save your thoughts, wherever you are

    Jake Crump5Community Team with Product Hunt · Written
    I am a post-it fiend IRL so this is app is a pretty natural fit for me. I'm generally not looking for anything complex or fancy when I go to jot down a note. Google Keep is simple. Plus, it's fun to pick out different colors for the notes!
    Ian RumacAndroid Developer @ Undabot · Written
    Google Keep is amazing. I've used it for a long time and couldn't find any other platform as convenient and lovely as Keep. It's a part of your G Account, it is preinstalled in Google Bundle on Android phones, it is beautiful and supports a ton of different notes. Try it out!
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    Ridiculously simple, incredibly powerful organization

    Jason CrawfordChopping wood, carrying water · Written
    It's just text—super-lightweight. But it gives you hierarchy and priorities, and you can collapse groups, drill into groups, or filter by priority. Also has email integration
  8. Though the UI leaves much to be desired, the ever present notifications on my lock screen are super useful. I find that the easy to use system and cloud sync makes up for any shortcomings that the UI provides.
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    The task management tool, completely redesigned

    Alexander JelinekProduct Manager, DoseSmart.io and Cisco · Written
    I still like Asana ... maybe it's got too much power but like most creatures of habit I use it for everything from work to family to-dos and hobbies. Yes, it's not the most lightweight but I love how it organizes and prioritized stuff and it the workflows are excellent if you are working with a team and dependencies (ie subtasks). The most intuitive apps are not always the best if you are willing to spend some time learning someone else's concepts around task management