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What are the best apps for reminding you to keep in contact with friends and family?

I'm looking for a tool which prompts and tracks some of my social interactions so that months don't fly by and I realise I am losing contacting with friends and family.
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    Friendly Reminder

    Never lose touch with your friends, a simple personal CRM

    Matt Blake made this product
    I built this one but would love to see other people's recommendations.
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    Organize your life. Then go enjoy it.

    Hugo Fauquenoigrowth @todoist and @twistappteam · Written
    Hugo Fauquenoi made this product
    You can set up recurring tasks to remind you of keeping in touch with people. Just add a task with their name and contact detail, and you're all set. Not to mention you can organize and keep track of pretty much anything.
    hendra setiawanKomisioner,CV NUR MULYA · Written
    Neo scan
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    Open-source CRM to keep track of your friends and family

    Kyle ConarroCo-Founder @ Ad Reform · Written
    I haven't used it a ton (yet?), but it's open source and seems to have a pretty engaged community (I get routine updates about improvements and new features).
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    Network privately & effectively – reach who you need.

    Easy to use, easy to set up and effective reminders.
    Easy to use, easy to set up and effective reminders.
    Easy to use, easy to set up and effective reminders.
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    FollowUp Personal CRM

    The personal CRM for Gmail

    Designed specifically for this task.
  6. Jasna AleksandrovaThe curves of your lips rewrite history · Written
    Great reminder tool
  7. 3

    The task management tool, completely redesigned

    Joshua AndertonFounder of · Written
    Asana is fantastically simple to use.
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    F =

    Inspiration, information and swag for women on the rise

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