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What are the best AR apps and games that involve motion tracking?

I'm looking for interesting AR Apps and games based on Motion Tracking, meaning the user can anchor virtual objects to a surface, and the virtual objects will "stay" at the anchored point, relative to the world.
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    Illusion of depth by 3D head tracking

    Amrith Shanbhag6Community at Product Hunt & Feathrd · Written
    It just blows my mind.
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    LEGO AR Studio

    Play with digital versions of LEGO in AR

    Josselin CollettaVR/AR Maker @Black Euphoria · Written
    Fun app for kids, that's technically pretty cool too.
  3. 319129
    RomainCEO, Ubicolor · Written
    This one not only does a great job at being simple and useful, but also does it with great, subtle UX. The fact that furniture is hovering above the floor, appearing to be weightless, for you to place and rotate is is awesome. Then tap and gravity is added : too can see the chair falling a few centimetres, the shadow on the floor and the sound of the collision.
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    Hernán SaezIndie Game Developer / Mad Scientist · Written
    Hernán Saez made this product
    Pocket Balloon uses Motion Tracking for landing zones, which appear automatically as you scan the environment. You can land the air balloon there. And there are other decorations, like clouds too. Also, you fly by blowing on the screen of the phone. Check it out.