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What is the most important thing for you, when choosing a crypto currency exchange?

1. Exchange rates 2. Time 3. Trust 4. Other
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@tradeplayz kind of hard not to put trust at the top of the list here. Until smart contracts remove the need for trust, it should be a top priority. Other than that, I kind of agree with @mve_design in that the UI/UX should be near the top of the list. So many interfaces lack transparency, overload the user with unnecessary information and are a pain to use. Next I'd put cost and scaling issues on the list. You can do everything right product wise but if the system falls apart under a load then it doesn't matter.
@tradeplayz Trust and exchange rates. Time and trust are almost inclusive in the crypto market.
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@tradeplayz Trust is obviously huge. Also google to make sure they haven't had any major hacks. I also like to check the volume on the network for anything that i'm attempting to trade/exchange.
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@dappclap This is the main problem, I don't know any exchange that haven't had any hacks. I lost my money twice, first time it was MtGox, second BTC-E. So the better and safety way to keep your crypto is in your own wallets and use exchanges just for exchanging!!!
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@tradeplayz it is difficult to choose from your answers. As for me the first one is a tools set and usability. second one is a margin trading. But I am talking about stock exchanges
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@tradeplayz Time and Trust
@tradeplayz trust (if that include a good level of security) then other: onboarding process, complementary feature, etc..
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@tradeplayz 4. Other - I think UX/UI is most important on an exchange.
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@tradeplayz legal jusrisdiction
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Time and trust
@tradeplayz Team and experience. Knowing that the people who created the platform handling my money have any relevant experience in financial markets.
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@tradeplayz I would choose time and trust from your answers
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@tradeplayz 1. Current public sentiment about the exchange 2. Liquidity 3. Customer support (usually you can find this on bitcointalk/twitter) 4. UX 5. Availability of trading pairs
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@tradeplayz Other - company or people running it (their history, experience), security, volume, official details, number of users, daily trade, social activeness, news and media, supporting hands. I'm a happy Binanciar -
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@tradeplayz I would have to put Trust at the top but with timing a very close second.
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@tradeplayz Trust for sure.
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@tradeplayz for me it comes down to being able to use and make purchases on the go without any restrictions. What I mean by restrictions is that some exchanges limit the features on mobile apps that are somewhat essential to being able to trade on the go. Second thing exchange rates and transparency. Some exchanges say "Free" "No-fees" trading, but deep down they are charging us fees on top of the original price but manipulating the user into thinking its free. I want to be able to know full details about each trade I make. (I used Goldmoney in the past and stopped using them because the Gold price they show on your home page & purchase page is totally different from buy price, which is a bit deceiving. + They add fees and on top of the price which is nothing close to market price.
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@tradeplayz trust, security, UI/UX.
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@tradeplayz TRUST. You don't know these people, where they are based, etc ...
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@tradeplayz low fees & easy / secure to withdraw on fiat