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What would be the best set of headphone, mic for remote teams

Remote teams need great communication tools to succeed. A great quality sound is key. Use cases: team meetings, webinars, podcast etc. What set of tools will you recommend. It needs to be economic as well.
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    Apple AirPods

    Wireless earphones from Apple

    Rodion TelpizovCEO at SmartJobBoard · Written
    I'm using these with my iMac for all the meetings (and we have lots of them). Pretty happy with the quality.
    If you own an Apple device and you’re hood with how EarBuds fit, the AirPods are a great wireless option. Best $160 I’ve spent in awhile.
  2. Great noise cancellation microphone, lightweight and reliable headphone.
  3. Pete ShimshockMusic Entrepreneur · Written
    Going to need more information to accurately give you an answer. If each person is calling from a different location, sound isolation is important. I would recommend checking out the earbud options from AKG or Shure - both companies are known for their professional studio equipment in both personal audio and microphones. If they are calling as a group, I recommend checking out the Blue Yeti microphone. It's a USB microphone with a built in audio interface which makes it easy to setup. While the AirPods are good for general calling, the audio quality for archiving or broadcast is not optimal. If you want the best quality audio for podcasting and archiving, I recommend using an Electro-Voice RE320 microphone, Focusrite Audio Interface, and headphones from Sennheiser or AKG. This solution is expensive but the quality is outstanding.
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  4. I have this and AirPods, to be honest, I prefer AirPods, but it’s still a very good headset.