What are the best products for the business side of a musician?

I'm looking for every product that helps a musician run their business side more efficiently so they can focus more on the art.
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    Publishing platform for musicians

    Eric Soelzer
    Eric SoelzerCo-founder, Gratify · Written
    One of the best tools for musicians today. Sell physical goods and digital music from one place. Very active, supportive community. Can't recommend enough.
    • Alexey
      AlexeyFull of ideas, it overflows

      Bandcamp is a cool company that provide little artists attention, and a cool way to promote themselves. It's really useful to discover artists from underground subgenres, plus it imply a music label notion, like some vaporwave label that sell every digital product of their artists for like $4. You can listening to music by streaming directly from the browser or mobile app, or by downloading it.

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    Easiest way for artists to get music on iTunes, Spotify, etc

    Pete Shimshock
    Pete ShimshockMusic Entrepreneur · Written
    DistroKid solves the headache that is digital distribution. It's user-friendly, reasonably priced, and gets you paid quicker than the other services. It also will distribute your music to Youtube, Shazam, and emerging services as they pop up.
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    Sell tickets online. Less fees, more transparency.

    Emma Walsmith made this product
    We built Tikly to support touring musicians and facilitate opportunities for musicians to make more money at gigs they're already playing. VIP experiences, direct to fan ticketing, merchandise pre-sales are all areas we specialize in - bonus, any contact information you collect via Tikly remains uniquely your own.
  4. Chris Tanner
    Chris TannerLead Developer, Spektrol · Written
    Spektrol helps those in the music industry understand their fans, their competitors, and easily build contact lists from their fan bases. Understanding your fans is key in building a strong brand strategy.
  5. Phil Haddad
    Phil HaddadUX/UI @ ProviderTrust · Written
    Noisetrade is a platform that allows artists and labels to exchange free songs/samplers for data on the fans who download their music. With 1.3 million + subscribers it can certainly help new artists build their email list and get discovered by new fans.
  6. Luca
    LucaProduct Design · Written
    Manage your mailing list, sell your music, organize your digital world. Also it's free!
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    Buy Me A Coffee

    A free, fast and beautiful way to accept support ☕ 💰

    Joseph Sunny made this product
    Best way to receive support from the audience. Very widely used by creators on BandCamp.
    • Clayton Parker
      Clayton ParkerYoutuber | 3D Printing | Influencer

      As a content creator on youtube/social media - I think this is a crazy easy way to engage with your audience in a creative way that is a little less like asking for a handout. Really great alternative to patreon as this is a 1 time donation

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    • Jeffrey Carandang
      Jeffrey CarandangPhpbits Creative Studio

      Just created my BMC page : and it's working perfectly in no time. Also got my first cup and really happy with it :) Planning on using this page as my donation option for my free WordPress plugins on the directory and hopefully this will lead to more donations. Thanks!

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  8. marian jacob
    marian jacobDigital Marketing Head, Inout Scripts · Written
    The product serves to sell/buy music and act as an online music portal like SoundCloud/Spotify.
  9. Alberto Jauregui
    Alberto JaureguiCats, Sustainability, and Blockchain. · Written
    Tokenized music streaming. Will evolve into an engine that does a host of things like royalties, licensing, and other aspects of the music industry.