What's a good privacy focused alternative to Google Photos?

Hey, I'm making the move away from the big G. So far I've moved email, contacts, browser, search etc. The one sticking point for me is Google Photos. I've been looking at services like sync.com and p-cloud, but I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a more photo focused (instead of storage) service, that's also secure, private, and hopefully not US hosted. Thanks!
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    A smarter way to keep, find, and share all of your files

    Handles documents too, but it really shines with photos. 100GB for $1.99/mo
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    Free unlimited smart photo backup

    Also trying this. The desktop app seems buggy though, and it's a chore to organise albums.
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    Capture and rediscover your life's memories

    Currently trialing this. It seems you can only pull from Google once though, it doesn't continuously sync
    • Started using the app after running out of memory. Didn't realize that the app could do way more than that. I no longer need 3-4 different apps for each functionality. Ever has them all!

  4. Anthony Recenello
    Anthony RecenelloDating Coach and Head of Wolf & Garden · Written
    Not sure if this fits your qualifications but why not just use iCloud on your iPhone? I thought they keep it all private for you?
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  5. Kapil Mistry
    Kapil MistryProduct Manager · Written
    For 60$ a month, auto uploads full resolution pictures from your phone.
    As @mandrake said. One of my best friends has been using it for almost 3 years now for his family pictures and is super happy with it. Easy to use, fair pricing and stable servers.
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    The world's smartest photo storage and management device.

    Sadly, no product in the market have the capabilities of Google Photos. However, people at Monument, trying to achieve this issue from a different perspective. I guess it will fulfill your privacy need.
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  7. Conrad Jackson
    Conrad JacksonDeveloper and Tech Lead · Written
    One off price for the NAS and drives, rather than a reoccurring fee. Local storage for the best privacy, but you can backup to cloud if needed.
  8. Engin Kurutepe
    Engin KurutepeGM Keepsafe Berlin. Co-organizer UIKonf. · Written
    Encrypted and PIN protected photo storage that keeps your important photos safe and backed up.
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    An encrypted home for your private photos, docs & notes.

    John Ozbay
    John OzbayFounder & CEO @ Cryptee · Written
    John Ozbay made this product
    Take a look at this Joe! Just released this exactly for this purpose!
    • Anton Egorov
      Anton EgorovSoftware Engineer

      I know John and saw how he was developing the project. I'm a beta user from the day he had a more or less stable build. And I moved all my personal documents there.

      Almost everyday on a lunch he told about challenges he faced. He pick a hard issue to solve and stay sharp on the idea. The idea, that you deserve a safe place for your notes, documents and photos. Not everything is for sharing, we have a lot of personal. It could be your business notes, plans and documents. It could be your diary or your family pictures. There are moments and thoughts you would like to save for you. It's yours, it's private and should be in a safe place.

    • Max Zab
      Max ZabFounder @ Illumonarch Creative Agency

      Find my comment below on my experience with John and Cryptee