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Favorite "On-Demand" app besides Uber?

I like having everything a click away. What are some interesting or lesser known ones you use?
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    Hand-crafted dinners on demand

    Ben Lang
    Ben Lang25Serial hunter · Written
    Sprig is basically healthy, delicious meals on demand, big fan.
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    Groceries delivered in one hour

    Instacart delivers groceries from local stores in two hours. Choose from stores like Whole Foods Market, Target, Costco and Petco.
    Been using instacart twice a week lately. It's great & saves me a ton of time. No more standing in line :)
    Absolutely love Instacart! Such a time saver and their markup for such an amazing service isn't too greedy which was a pleasant surprise. Highly recommend
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    Amazon Prime Now

    One-Hour delivery in cities across the US

    Skip the trip. Prime Now offers household items and essentials you need every day plus the best of Amazon, with free two-hour delivery.
    Kristofer™#6 Hunter. eSkateboard fanatic. · Written
    This is definitely one of my favorites as well!
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    Same great service, now with a completely new look and feel

    Excellent rewards program, fast deliveries, custom orders so you can get pretty much anything on demand. My only gripe is their regular deliveries can be a bit pricy sometimes.
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