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What password manager would you recommend?

Hi, till now I have been keeping all my passwords in notepad and manually copying it where it is needed to sign in. It's kinda difficult and even more difficult in mobile. So, I was looking at Dashlane and LastPass and sometimes ago I heard that LastPass database was hacked so upon googling, I found some articles that it was true. So I kept on searching and people nowadays recommending open source pass manager like KeePass to be completely safe. It's just that I don't feel safe storing my passwords in a cloud managed by any company. I know they will say that they CANT even look at the passwords of their clients and is encrypted using 256 bit encryption but think about this, they made that password manager software and they did all the coding. Who knows what they do in background. They are not gonna say in out loud. What are you using yourselves and what do you recommend? Thanks in advance!
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@aiden2k17 I use 1password, really pleased.
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@antonedvard For those all-in on the Apple ecosystem 1Password is really worth a look.
@antonedvard @mrkwse What did you exactly mean by "Apple ecosystem"?
@aiden2k17 @antonedvard and when done with WebAuth extensions is totally comfort for each one. But right now it require effort to store password in KeyRing and protect by Touch Id.
@aiden2k17 Ex-user of Lastpass, moved to Myki (https://myki.co/). Couldn't be more pleased. Everything is stored away from the cloud, and on your phone. It also manages your 2FA tokens, so thats a massive plus as well (autocompletes them too for you).
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@aiden2k17 @animify Their support is great! Well, so far my questions are always answered.
@aiden2k17 @animify Another vote for Myki! Moved from 1Password after they started shifting over to their subscription service. Couldn't be happier.
@aiden2k17 I have a 5-year Dashlane plan, and I've been super-happy. Always works, always updated, always making iterative improvements, and the best solution I've used, and not just for passwords. I've used all the major ones, and settled on Dashlane. I recommend them. Everyone has their preferences, though. (Although not everyone has used as many as I have.)
@mbmusgrove How is dashlane customer support? 80% of people says customer service is bad.
@aiden2k17 I contacted them when I had trouble with browser extensions when I first signed up with them, but that was a long time ago. Over a year ago, at least. I don't ever have to contact them, so I can't really say anymore. That's something that I find is usually sort of subjective and a case-by-basis as well. It's hard to please everyone on the internet. But their product works effortlessly. I have several thousand passwords, plus software licenses, credit cards, and IDs saved in it. I think it also saves receipts.
@mbmusgrove Okay thanks Michael for info :)
@aiden2k17 http://bitwarden.com/ Open source and a joy to use.
@chestyle Will look into it mate. Thnx :)
@aiden2k17 Lastpass is perfect for me :D
@aiden2k17 I've used serveral, and went from Lastpass to 1Pass to Keepass and now i use Enpass on all devices https://www.enpass.io/
@aiden2k17 Use Keepass. It is very simple and good application
@alexandr_stetsuk Just looked at it but Dashlane seems bit more UI friendly and a bit more smooth. Really confused between Last and Dash.
@alexandr_stetsuk @aiden2k17 If you use Android/iOS and MacOS, I'd use Dashlane. If you use Windows, maybe think again about Dashlane, their Windows app is kind of meh. It looks terrible, there's not even high-resolution support.
@aiden2k17 Best option 1Password. Nothing else really compares. Being able to make a new vault for every part of your life that you separate is amazing especially that its all under the main plan. And now with their business tier you can even use it for your company!
@mirshko What are the advantages of 1pass over Dashlane? Also can I exclude other country and other IP logins?
@aiden2k17 Im not so sure about other country & IP logins. But I think the One-Time Password feature and how fast 1Password advances and ads features is awesome. You can also use 1Password via the CLI!
@mirshko CLI? whats that? And OTP is there in every password manager.
@aiden2k17 Oo Lastpass doesn't have it afaik. also CLI (Command Line Interface) https://blog.agilebits.com/2017/...
@aiden2k17 Copied from: https://www.reddit.com/r/1Passwo... If you have a time to read 1Password's White Paper, please do: https://1password.com/files/1Pas... When you are done, please compare it to Dashlane's White Paper, which can be found here: https://www.dashlane.com/downloa... All your questions will be answered by reading it. If you will ask me, I chose 1Password because of these two (2) attributes; 1) 1Password's superior and well-tested security infastractures and practices 2) 1Password's customer service; this is the company that will get back to you in a blink of an eye (to be honest i've never encountered anything like it before, until I tried to contact 1Password for the first time). They'll resolve your issue right away and get you up and running with your 1Password account. Also, if you happen to talk with Dave Teare, I am sure you'll enjoy it. He's fun to talk with and lots of stuff to learn from him. Dashlane is good (to be honest) but they lack with "customer service factor" which turns me off, that is why I chose 1Password! Yes, UI design is a plus, but that is not how I choose a company who i'll entrust my passwords; I will always go with the company that put "Security" on top on their goal list, and that is my friend no doubt is 1Password...
@aiden2k17 1Password definitely
@tung_leo What are the advantages of 1pass over Dashlane? Also can I exclude other country and other IP logins?
@aiden2k17 A compact paper notebook
@aiden2k17 for exact same reasons, I created "Chaabi": a simple open source CLI tool to securely store password and other sensitive text locally. https://www.producthunt.com/post...
@aiden2k17 also I would strongly advise 1. Never ever save password in plaintext file 2. Never ever use cloud based password manager
Yes but that idea of storing passwords in their cloud gives me a thing to worry because these companies can be sold anytime to anyone. And I know dashlane says that they cant and know our passwords but these guys made this manager and they did all the coding so who knows what goes in the back.
@aiden2k17 ya True the best password manager is brain
@aiden2k17 @iambdxoul Disagree. Brain can only save short passwords and it forgets them easily
@aiden2k17 @pluslucas_ I haven't from 7 years
@aiden2k17 My wife and I use https://www.truekey.com/ I was a beta user so have a free plan and she buys a yearly subscription (because it lets her open the app with facial recognition which she likes).
@aiden2k17 @travisleestreet Dedicated 1Password user for years. Tried True Key on your recommendation. Very impressed. It's quicker & more streamlined that 1Password across all devices (Mac, Pc, Android). I've made the switch & went premium too!
VIP password manager
@aiden2k17 I use Secrets (Mac/iOS). It's simple, lightweight and no subscriptions (one-time purchase) https://www.producthunt.com/post...
@aiden2k17 Been using Roboform for over 12 years now. No platform dependent, works on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.
@hpizzy What are the advantages of Robo over Dashlane? Also can I exclude other country and other IP logins?
@aiden2k17 I'm using Dashlane myself, excellent tool
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