What's the best site/app for signing legal documents?

Something that's super simple and that I can share a document with a link..
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    Easiest way to sign documents from within Gmail /Google Docs

    Disclaimer: the HelloSign tagline that's displayed here in PH seems out of date. They work with all documents, not just Gmail / Google Docs. I've found HelloSign to be among the simplest (vs. DocuSign and PandaDoc and a few others) to use and friendliest for your signatories. And, if you're a low volume user, it's free.
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    Close more deals with PandaDoc proposal software

    Brittany Fuller
    Brittany FullerTinkering & typing @ Resume.io · Written
    I use PandaDoc for all things e-sign because, unlike other tools that are like putting a piece of glass on top of a word doc, PandaDoc is an HTML document. You can build and edit content/ templates right in the app. I also like being able to track document activity and customize my design with CSS. People always comment on how easy it is to complete a PandaDoc.
  3. Brandon Elwood
    Brandon ElwoodOwner, AppJester · Written
    I've used this for awhile and enjoy it. However, I've now switched to using Apple's native "markup" feature that you can access when opening a PDF attachment.
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    KeepSolid Sign

    Electronic signature app to streamline your paperwork

    Anastasiya Sakhibova
    Anastasiya SakhibovaCustomer Success Manager · Written
    Quite simple app and does the job
    • Igor Gorbenko
      Igor GorbenkoSaaS Marketing Manager

      Probably the easiest way to get a signature.

      Scan, upload, define signature space, sign, define signature space for second party, send email, wait, get the document back with both signatures.

    • Igor Yatsenko
      Igor YatsenkoDigital Marketing Manager

      At the moment it does the job I need - paste the signature field as well as dates and names on the contract and send it. It also syncs all my documents between my devices. And it is cheaper than their nearest competitors, but definitely only on its start.

  5. Celine Carpet
    Celine CarpetProductivity, travel · Written
    PDFelement is a spectacular tool for creating an electronic signature and adding it to any PDF document. It offers you an advanced solution for indicating PDF status by making use of the "Customized Stamps" feature. Product page: https://pdf.wondershare.com/?utm... It also support OCR(convert image to words), PDF convertor. Product page: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdf-...