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What's the best site/app for signing legal documents?

Something that's super simple and that I can share a document with a link..
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    Easiest way to sign documents from within Gmail /Google Docs

    Disclaimer: the HelloSign tagline that's displayed here in PH seems out of date. They work with all documents, not just Gmail / Google Docs. I've found HelloSign to be among the simplest (vs. DocuSign and PandaDoc and a few others) to use and friendliest for your signatories. And, if you're a low volume user, it's free.
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    Send and Sign Docs, Fast and Easy

    Brittany FullerCo-founder @ Roadmap · Written
    I use PandaDoc for all things e-sign because, unlike other tools that are like putting a piece of glass on top of a word doc, PandaDoc is an HTML document. You can build and edit content/ templates right in the app. I also like being able to track document activity and customize my design with CSS. People always comment on how easy it is to complete a PandaDoc.
  3. Brandon ElwoodOwner, AppJester · Written
    I've used this for awhile and enjoy it. However, I've now switched to using Apple's native "markup" feature that you can access when opening a PDF attachment.
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    KeepSolid Sign

    Electronic signature app to streamline your paperwork

    Anastasiya SakhibovaCustomer Success Manager · Written
    Quite simple app and does the job