What's the best tool for managing customer feedback?

I'm looking for a better way to keep track of customer feedback. Specifically, I'm looking to categorize, organize, and prioritize feedback to better inform my product roadmap.
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    productboard 2.0

    The product management tool for makers who care.

    Winston18Helping PMs prioritize @productboard · Written
    Winston made this product
    productboard has always specialized in helping product teams consolidate feedback from a number of sources in order to put user feedback to use during feature prioritization and design. Now you can validate ideas at scale by collecting upvotes and feedback from your entire user base with the new product Portal.
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    Keep track of your brand online.

    Jakub Rogalski34Community Manager at Brand24 · Written
    Customer feedback can be collected and managed in different ways, and I think social listening is an interesting alternative. It can be a more credible source of customer insights than any other study, like focus groups or surveys as people share information about their preferences or opinions on products and services voluntarily. Thus, they are honest in their views published on their social media profiles.
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    Beautiful product management for lean startups

    Lucas CERDANProduct & UX, Algolia · Written
    ProductBoard is a bit different from ProdPad but I also like their approach.
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    Customer Feedback & Product Roadmaps

    Brian LeonardHead of Customer Experience, Bringhub · Written
    Might have what you are looking for, we just started using and helps out with backlog, user data, internal comments plus allows you to share a public roadmap.
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    Build product roadmaps, manage ideas, and make users happy.

    Lucas CERDANProduct & UX, Algolia · Written
    ProdPad is a solid player in the market. Good way to link your customer feedback, to ideas, to roadmaps.