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What's the most high-tech language app in the world?

I'm looking to take up Spanish online and most apps are similar. What are the language apps that use the latest tech to teach me a language?
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    Mondly VR

    Learn languages in Virtual Reality

    Sebastian Maraloiu 🚀 ⚡
    Sebastian Maraloiu 🚀 ⚡Software Product Manager/CMO · Written
    Virtual reality will change the way we learn everything. So, it's natural to have MondlyVR on your list. MondlyVR is the first language app in the world to use Virtual Reality and Chatbots with Speech Recognition to teach you 30 foreign languages. It's super immersive. The app is available in the Oculus Store and on Google Play. With over 30 million users on its iOS and Android app and a 4.5-star rating from over 700,000 reviews, Mondly is one of the top language apps in the world.
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    Learn languages in augmented reality

    I’m currently testing MondlyAR. It’s super fun and easy to use. As a procrastinator (and, honestly, lazy person) this was just what I needed. Good luck!
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    • William Falloon
      William FalloonInteractive emerging tech and media

      There is no reason that this should be an AR app. Reviews like: 'Really cool use of AR' reek of garbage. Sounds like the team at Mondly is just shilling this.

    • Teodora Panțu
      Teodora PanțuBDM @ Cision

      Learning languages in school is notoriously Boring! I took German and French for 8+ years and still can't speak either fluently. This app is super cool, it's no longer about the end result, learning to speaking the language, it's about the whole experience.