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What are some good Timely alternatives?

I'm a college student who uses hour-tracking as a way to measure my time spent on side projects. Timely is the perfect app for this, but they just removed their free tier. I don't need any of the freelance / payment aspect of time tracking, but would love an app that allows me to track time spent on multiple projects.
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    insanely simple free time tracking

    Björn Antonissen🇳🇱 Freelance Designer & Developer · Written
    You can try Toggl. It's free and has a desktop and mobile app.
    Brian LeonardProduct / Growth / Marketing · Written
    I'm a huge Toggl fan, I use them exclusively for all my freelance work. Awesome chrome extension, reminders, projects, etc. great for freelancing.
    Toggl Chrome Extension is awesome. It reminds you track when you forget.
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    Beautiful, free time tracking

    Raminmarketing, Close · Written
    Free-forever, good for multiple projects, easy to use, yet plenty of options to customize.
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    Automatic productivity & time tracking for macOS

    Ivan Mirindie app developer · Edited
    Ivan Mir made this product
    Qbserve (our app) tracks both productivity and projects automatically, by looking at opened sites and documents. There's also a great student discount, please contact us:
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    TMetric is a free time tracking app, that is a great solution for everyone to monitor their working activity and to be more productive.
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    Revolutionary time tracking device

    Benjamin PowellProduct manager & Co-Founder · Written
    Take a look at these guys, they have a really awesome physical interaction tool to swap projects. Was a Kickstarter and they did really well.
    Timing is so great! It's not free, but worth every penny.
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    Automatic time tracking for your Mac

    Daniel Alm made this product
    My app Timing automatically tracks time you spend on your Mac. That's perfect for your purposes, as it lets you keep track of time without having to worry about start/stop timers, which can be particularly annoying if you have lots of side projects. Also, I'm currently working on a brand-new version, launching next month. You can sign up for the beta at
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    arina_kayeaMarketing Manager · Written
    free for up to 5 users