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What's a simple app to make mobile and desktop Screenshots look good on Mac?

In chrome dev tools you can select a mobile device and take a screenshot of your responsive website. This is a simple way to make a screenshot with an iPhone frame / mockup. I use this to show my product. Is there something a tool that can do both very simple (smartphone and laptop mockups without using Photoshop)?
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    Create free beautiful screenshots for App store/Google play

    Kamal Kant
    Kamal KantCo-founder AppLaunchpad · Written
    Kamal Kant made this product
    Mockup Generator is a DIY tool to create attractive product screenshots. With this tool, you can choose suitable mockup template/image, add text, background and other graphics to download the mockup in highest resolution (3300X2475).
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    Instant iPhone X Mockup

    Drag and drop screenshots to create iPhone X Mockup

    Seems like MockuPhone is what you need, you still need to take a screenshot but there's no need to manipulate it in Photoshop.
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    Clean Mockups

    Create stunning mockups that make your design standout

    Tekeste Kidanu made this product
    I am obviously biased because I made it but I think it does a good job of what you are looking for.
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    Awesome Screenshot
    Brian Leonard
    Brian LeonardProduct / Growth / Marketing · Written
    One of my most used Chrome extensions. You can leverage the Chrome dev tools to choose the device type or take a screenshot of your desktop, plus you can mark up the screenshot after you take it.