Christian Blättler
Christian BlättlerApplication Engineer @

What's a simple app to make mobile and desktop Screenshots look good on Mac?

In chrome dev tools you can select a mobile device and take a screenshot of your responsive website. This is a simple way to make a screenshot with an iPhone frame / mockup. I use this to show my product. Is there something a tool that can do both very simple (smartphone and laptop mockups without using Photoshop)?
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    Mockup Generator

    Create attractive product screenshots with just a few clicks

    Kamal Kant Kosariya made this product
    Mockup Generator is a DIY tool to create attractive product screenshots. With this tool, you can choose suitable mockup template/image, add text, background and other graphics to download the mockup in highest resolution (3300X2475).
    • By customization on dont mean pure aesthetics, I mean the ability to use the tool as a way to create app store submission packages that really work. The dashboard is still buggy, doesn't behave well in Chrome and most of the time just reloads the homepage when you try and filter by platform.

    • Maria Hoffmeister
      Maria HoffmeisterCreator @

      I have not used it myself (not applicable) but I see this as a great tool for content creators like bloggers, teachers, trainers, developers,... whose audience is typically using these devices.

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    Easily wrap app screenshots in devices

    Seems like MockuPhone is what you need, you still need to take a screenshot but there's no need to manipulate it in Photoshop.
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    • Hannah Konitshek
      Hannah KonitshekBusiness & Strategy,

      I just came here to make sure this got another upvote. I use this product at least once a week and have for over 2+ years.

      It produces stellar mockups every single time.

    • Chris | Vrixe
      Chris | VrixeEdit and open the best moments together.

      This is one of the best out there. I have been using this for over a year and I just love it. You get all the latest frames on time and its really easy to use.

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    Clean Mockups

    Create stunning mockups that make your design standout

    Tekeste Kidanu made this product
    I am obviously biased because I made it but I think it does a good job of what you are looking for.
  4. Brian Leonard
    Brian LeonardHead of Customer Experience, Bringhub · Written
    One of my most used Chrome extensions. You can leverage the Chrome dev tools to choose the device type or take a screenshot of your desktop, plus you can mark up the screenshot after you take it.