Best tools for writing, editing, translating and so on?

I'm constantly on the lookout for anything useful for text- and language-related work.
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    Clear, effective, mistake-free writing.

    Jakub Rogalski
    Jakub Rogalski39Community Manager at Brand24 · Edited
    I like the premium version of Grammarly a lot. Ever since I started using it, my writing got significantly better. It's not just that there are not so many typos, my punctuation got a lot better, too.
    • Robert Melkonyan
      Robert MelkonyanCo Founder - Profunders Club

      When you use grammarly, they put some kind of advert for youtube, so when you watch youtube videos, it will stop and their advert will start. Note, this is not a youtube ad, this is an ad directly from them.

    • Ben Adamski
      Ben AdamskiDeveloper. Storyteller. Collaborator.

      The browser extension is a must have, but I regularly pass my emails through this, or draft them in it just to catch dumb mistakes and make noticeable grammar improvements on the fly

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    A simple tool to improve your writing

    Raminmarketing, · Written
    If you really want to nerd out on specific aspects of your writing (e.g. diction, stickiness, sentence length, clichees, etc)
    • Lynne Clark
      Lynne Clarkwriter from London

      I like the various reports and that these are not insistent, just show you what could be changed. The changes themselves are entirely in the writers grasp.

    • I use this anytime I need to type sonething...creative writing, business communication, and the casual email. I can be wordy when I don't need to be, love my adverbs, and my English teachers would cry if they saw I am still comma happy. ProWritingAid is fast and easy to use, meaning I can edit in a fast manner.

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    My favorite writing tool

    If you have longer form more complex writing
    • Lee Knowlton 🍵
      Lee Knowlton 🍵Product @ Ultraworking

      I love Scrivener. I'm less than enthused about the Windows version, but on Mac it's fantastic and windows is getting there.. Wish there were better ways to sync data but Dropbox is decent enough. Better integration with citation software would be nice too.

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    Hemingway Editor 3.0

    Make your writing bold and clear, send to Medium/Wordpress

    Raminmarketing, · Written
    Makes your writing suck less.
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    • Cornelius H Do
      Cornelius H DoGraduate @ CommBank

      I started using Hemingway from it's first iteration. First for my uni assignments and since then I've used it for almost everything. Slide decks, presentations, social posts, campaign copy, you name it. I even used it for this review! haha

    • Kesava Mandiga
      Kesava MandigaCurious cat. Writer. Explorer.

      Simple, unambiguous, clutter-free writing made easy for anyone. Hemingway is a godsend for people like me that, completely unintentionally, wax poetic about stuff that can be said in a few words.

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    A hackable text editor for the 21st Century

    You will need to add some packages though, here's my guide -
    • Petr Pridal
      Petr PridalCEO of Klokan Technologies GmbH.

      I have been using Atom for more than a year. So far the best editor for coding. The only downside is the size and how much RAM it requires to run.

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    iA Writer 4

    Embed images, tables and text as blocks of content in text

    Christian Blättler
    Christian BlättlerApplication Engineer @ · Written
    Using this on the Mac and it's so pleasant to write. Very minimalistic, but still powerful features. What I like: - integrated library (never have to worry WHERE or IF you want to save something) - dark mode - font - html export - minimal style - save drafts to Try it out if you haven't already, it's also available on mobile.
    • Karthik Subramanian
      Karthik SubramanianContent and Branding guy

      I deep dive into writing rituals using this software. Tough to explain beyond it. But they have gotten their UI perfect for a writing mode.