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What is your favorite mail app on iOS?

Take into consideration that my main emails are hosted on Rackspace so I need IMAP access, not only service-specific access.
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    Spark by Readdle

    Fast, smart and beautiful email client for iOS

    Tony GaetaSoftware Engineer · Written
    Spark has replaced the default mail client on both iPhone and Mac for me. Excellent UI and UX, seamless sync, and free.
  2. 3
    Airmail for iOS

    One of the best Mac email clients, now on iPhone

    Nikola KirevSoftware Engineer, The App Business · Written
    Full featured email client for iOS. Highly customisable.
    ManuelLaw student, cereal lover, internet fan. · Written
    I haven't used any other iOS mail clients since I made the switch to Airmail. The customisation options are just insane. I love it.
  3. 2
    Polymail iOS

    Simple, beautiful, powerful email for iOS

    Hemanth GCEO, Wipadika Innovations · Written
    Simple Clean UI, Works beautifully. Mail Tracking and Scheduling are features you will find handy.
  4. 2

    Artificial intelligence-powered email.

    Nik SudanGames & Systems Developer · Written
    You're able to archive multiple emails you're not likely to read, which saves a lot of inbox management. The generated user profiles with statistics are pretty nice too.
  5. Dan BairdProduct, tech and pets. · Written
    Without a doubt one of the best apps on my phone. Useful filtering, good gesture design and works great with accounts of all types
  6. 1
    Inbox by Google

    Next generation inbox

    AlexFounder of Swiipe · Written
    Great iOS app, but no Mac app for it. Love the UI and the fluidity of the User Experience!
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    Newton by CloudMagic

    Supercharged emailing with space-age features

    Christian BlättlerApplication Engineer @ · Written
    Must be newton for me across all platforms! What I really like: - all your email accounts in one newton account - UX - Regular updates and innovative features (like looking up LinkedIn information on the sender and displaying it to you) What you should consider: - all your email accounts in one newton account (security) - it's not free