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What is your favorite mail app on iOS?

Take into consideration that my main emails are hosted on Rackspace so I need IMAP access, not only service-specific access.
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  1. 5
    Spark by Readdle

    Fast, smart and beautiful email client for iOS

    Tony Gaeta
    Tony GaetaSoftware Engineer · Written
    Spark has replaced the default mail client on both iPhone and Mac for me. Excellent UI and UX, seamless sync, and free.
  2. 3
    Airmail for iOS

    One of the best Mac email clients, now on iPhone

    Nikola Kirev
    Nikola KirevSoftware Engineer, The App Business · Written
    Full featured email client for iOS. Highly customisable.
    ManuelLaw student, cereal lover, internet fan. · Written
    I haven't used any other iOS mail clients since I made the switch to Airmail. The customisation options are just insane. I love it.
  3. 2
    Polymail iOS

    Simple, beautiful, powerful email for iOS

    Hemanth G
    Hemanth GCEO, Wipadika Innovations · Written
    Simple Clean UI, Works beautifully. Mail Tracking and Scheduling are features you will find handy.
  4. 2

    Artificial intelligence-powered email.

    Nik Sudan
    Nik SudanGames & Systems Developer · Written
    You're able to archive multiple emails you're not likely to read, which saves a lot of inbox management. The generated user profiles with statistics are pretty nice too.
  5. Dan Baird
    Dan BairdProduct, tech and dogs. · Written
    Without a doubt one of the best apps on my phone. Useful filtering, good gesture design and works great with accounts of all types
  6. 1
    Inbox by Google

    Next generation inbox

    AlexFounder of Swiipe · Written
    Great iOS app, but no Mac app for it. Love the UI and the fluidity of the User Experience!
    • I pretty much like all things Google, but Inbox just isn't for me. I much prefer good old fashioned Gmail on my iPhone. The way Inbox sorts my emails doesn't always make sense to me, and I suppose I'd rather sort it myself. There are definitely better email apps out there. I know because I've tried a bunch of them.

    • I like & hate inbox for the same features.

      It´s the first time my Mailbox feels sorted and clean. That said Inbox dicards eamils as unimportant, doesn't show notifications for all emails and shows how much it knows about my friends, travel agrangements and so on.

      I do think a manual hosted version would be really great but I doubt we will see something soon.

      In the end its a Google Product which means no updates and in 2 years we get the next version of it. It lacks a lot of things you can't do with it. For instance multiple Accounts, S/MIME encryption and ways to highlight a lot more.

  7. 1
    Newton by CloudMagic

    Supercharged emailing with space-age features

    Christian Blättler
    Christian BlättlerApplication Engineer @ · Written
    Must be newton for me across all platforms! What I really like: - all your email accounts in one newton account - UX - Regular updates and innovative features (like looking up LinkedIn information on the sender and displaying it to you) What you should consider: - all your email accounts in one newton account (security) - it's not free