What's the best software for remote teams?

Obviously there's Slack, and keeping Skype on the background is a good hack. Are there other products designed specifically to help remote teams communicate effectively? I recently learned about a product called Sqwiggle (since shut down), and am particularly interested in mobile-first products.
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    Taskade 2.0

    Team tasks, notes, and chat, in one unified workspace. 🧠✍️✅

    Evan KimbrellFounder, Sprintkick · Written
    Taskade is like Slack, Trello, Asana, and Google Docs, all in one tool for remote team collaboration.
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    Basecamp 3

    The best version of Basecamp ever made

    Lachlan CampbellNYU ‘23—Hack Club/Design+JS—they/them 🌈 · Written
    Basecamp is one place for everything. It's saner and calmer than apps like Slack, valuing everyone's time and attention, and it's fabulously designed. I love it :)
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    Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft's Slack competitor

    Ben TossellNo-coder 👉 Makerpad.co · Written
    Microsoft has their Slack competitor - not mobile-first but definitely a contender in this space
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    Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.

    Great tool for the remote team and for sure for the remote TEAMS, when you have different small departments. A lot of apps and integrations.
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    Filip MaresEngineering, Microsoft · Written
    I used this with my remote team for over 3 years. Helped us be aware what each other was working on and run an efficient daily standup.
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    Cloud video conferencing and simple online meetings

    KateMarketer; prev Product Hunt, GitHub · Written
    Zoom is by far the best video conferencing product on the market right now. They operate off a freemium model, with bigger teams and more video time requiring you to upgrade to paid versions (which again, are totally worth it). I'd highly recommend remote teams connect over Zoom at least once a week to touch base. It's the second best thing to being in person!
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    A fast, easy, collaborative hiring tool

    Beth HudsonSocial Media Marketer, Recruitee · Written
    Collaborative hiring is imperative, especially when you are looking to hire remotely. With Recruitee, you can get the whole team involved, regardless of their geographical location! I work remotely with them, actually, and can vouch for the platform doing a great job bringing teams together.