Recast.AI 2.0

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Jasmine Anteunis
Jasmine AnteunisCore team, Recast.AI · Written
Jasmine Anteunis made this product
Hi - my name is Jasmine. Full disclaimer: I'm one of the co-founders of Recast.AI. A few things that are worth knowing about Recast.AI: - Recast.AI is a collaborative end-to-end bot platform, made by developers for developers. We gather a community of 7 000+ developers and you can import their bots to build your own. - All our bot tools are seamlessly integrated : Bot Builder, Bot Connector, Bot Hosting, Bot Analytics, all allow you to build, train, connect, host and launch bots in one single platform. - Recast.AI’s bots are multilingual (English, French and very soon Spanish). - We automatically detect 35 gold entities (keywords in sentences such as locations, datetimes, temperatures), but go even further: we enrich them! Instead of just extracting a location, we also give you longitude, latitude and other useful information. - Why can we do that? Because we’re not only providing a series of tools, we’re also developing our own custom AI and language technology. But we don’t stop at text! We also support speech-to-text and image recognition. - Our last core focus is the user interface: everything is smooth, clean, precise to make bot building as easy as possible. Oh, and we’re 100% free right now ;) In a nutshell, Recast.AI is the one place where you can build, connect, host and launch bots powered by a strong language technology smoothly. Pretty cool, no? Feel free to ping me directly at jasmine(at)recast(dot)ai for any question about Recast.AI!