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Gary GasparCEO --

What the best screenshot tool for Chrome?

I'm looking to discover new tools for capturing, annotating and sending screenshots into Slack
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    LambdaTest Chrome Extension

    Cross browser testing by taking full-page screenshots

    You can take full paged screenshot of the page on multiple different browsers and operating system. Not just desktop but on mobile browsers as well. And you can do all that right from your chrome browser. No reason to switch or no reason to take multiple different screenshot.
  2. 52
    Marker 2.0

    Send badass screenshots to Slack, Trello, Github and more

    Emile-Victor Portenart
    Emile-Victor PortenartCo-Founder, Designer at Β· Written
    Emile-Victor Portenart made this product
    Marker is so easy and fast to use, I use it everyday for my collaboration with teammates and sending bugs to the developers!
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    Research, Save, and Share Screenshots

    Sunil Neurgaonkar
    Sunil Neurgaonkar10Helping businesses with growth hacking Β· Written
    Clipular is the best one. Just press Alt+C and capture the screen you require and the sharing link for the screenshot is automatically copied to your clipboard. Plus all the screens you capture are available on the cloud. So don't worry if you miss one. I liked but it is paid. Clipular is totally FREE.
  4. 10
    StepShot Guides PRO

    Create guides and video tutorials with no hassle

    Sofia Sembai
    Sofia SembaiContent Manager Β· Written
    This tool works makes capturing, annotating, and sharing screenshots really fast and easy, especially if you need a series of screenshots illustrating some procedure. It works on desktops, so you can capture not only browsers but also any other windows.
  5. Brian Leonard
    Brian LeonardHead of Customer Experience, Bringhub Β· Written
    Like Dimitar, I have tried probably a dozen Chrome extensions for screenshots, this one seems to be the least buggy and has lots of great options, plus an editor, save to desktop, Drive, etc. Definitely worth checking out.
    Dimitar Raykov
    Dimitar RaykovDesigner. Built Β· Written
    I have tried many screenshot-capturing extensions and so far this is the one that performs the best.
  6. Dan Edwards
    Dan EdwardsDesign at Product Hunt Β· Written
    Simple, does what it needs to do really well.
  7. Makenna Smutz
    Makenna SmutzMarketing Web Developer at GraphCMS Β· Written
    I prefer Cloud app for ease of sharing! Setting up a simple hotkey allows you to screenshot & immediately share via a link automatically copied to your clipboard!
    AustinFounder, Layman Lab Β· Written
    This is the best Mac App I own, and I use it constantly. It's the one reason I have not switched to Chromebook (the Chrome extension is not quite there yet...)
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    Instantly turn screenshots into beautiful images

    If you're needing beautifully-formatted screenshots then you can't go past Screely
  9. Jorge Avila MelΓ©ndez
    Jorge Avila MelΓ©ndezFounder & CEO @tresensocial Β· Written
    I love it because it syncs with evernote, so I can have all my screenshots in all my devices :)
    M I
    M IMarketer by heart Β· Written
    I really like Skitch as well, it's fast, I can capture not only full screen pictures but also parts of it and send it super quickly to slack.
  11. Dimitar Najdenov
    Dimitar NajdenovMarketing, doXteam Β· Written
    It's the easiest tool ever! Clean design and very good. Great features, you can save, share or even print the screenshot right away!
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    Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast

    My favorite screenshot & annotation extension for Chrome

    Saketh Rasakatla
    Saketh Rasakatla18Sr. Digital Marketer Β· Written
    SokratusProduct Designer Β· Written
    I was a huge Awesome Screenshot user. But it got heavy and buggy over the time. I found Nimbus to do almost all the things Awesome Screenshot did, but it feels little light weight and not a memory hog.
  13. Dionis Kole
    Dionis KoleBrand Strategist & Marketing Consultant Β· Written
    It's pretty much a complete solution for screen capturing, annotating, recording and much more.
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    Gmail Screenshot by cloudHQ

    Simplifying sending screenshots from gmail (free)

    Naomi Assaraf πŸ”₯
    Naomi Assaraf πŸ”₯CMO, Technophile, pancake lover. Β· Written
    Naomi Assaraf πŸ”₯ made this product
    I use it because I get to screenshot and mark up anything on Chrome, and it offers timed capture to show pull down menus (which is pretty critical if you're trying to explain a UI flow). Also, I love that I can just send it via a link, and it's free.. nothing to lose! Hope this helps! :)
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    Fast & easy screenshot and annotation tool

    Michael A'Burzynski
    Michael A'BurzynskiDigital Product Manager πŸ“ˆ Β· Written
    Try Monosnap; it's native apps for windows/os x. In my two companies people using everyday monosnap, and new co-worker migrate from similar chrome extension to monosnap because: - it's free - native apps are better than chrome extension's - friendly and custom key shortcut - video recording - (optional) you can use own server for media-upload