Ling LoComputer Vision Engineer

How to upload panorama to Instagram?

I have seen some nice panoramas on Instagram. I wonder is there any tool can do this easily?
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    Instagram Carousels

    Share up to 10 photos and videos in one post

    GloriaCommunity & Marketing Manager at Brand24 · Written
    Use new Instagram feature called Albums. Cut your panorama photo into 1-10 photos and publish all of them, in proper order, as Album post on your Instagram profile. You don't need any other app to do this :)
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    Swipeable Panorama for Instagram

    Share 360 panoramas on Instagram

    Nicole OrCMO of Spincle · Written
    Nicole Or made this product
    Hey! Try this out! Free app to upload panoramas and 360 photos on Instagram! Neat and simple!
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    Antony BearparkGraphic and Web Designer · Written
    Yes, used this before. Gets the job done quick and easy
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    Split your panoramic photos and post them to Instagram

    This is a great (paid) way to do this...