Tair Barkay
Tair BarkayUX Lead@Tonkean

What's a good screen recording tool?

I'm looking for an easy, quality screen recording tool. Something that would generate quality mov/gif with fps control. Anyone?
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    3 Minute Screencasts

    Nik Sudan
    Nik SudanGames & Systems Developer · Written
    If you're looking to record a short video for sharing, QuickCast is pretty great. It instantly uploads the video and gives you a link to share. You can download the video files too.
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    Capture your screen

    Björn Antonissen
    Björn Antonissen4🇳🇱 Founder YTCount | Freelance Front End · Written
    Capture and make MP4/GIF instantly. Best capture tool I ever used.
  3. Because it's native for OS X