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Hi Avva (Gradma in my language) , you were asking me that day, why do so many people take so many photos from their phone and what do they do with it. There is this app called Instagram, where people love to post their pics along with captions. People love the feeling of getting likes and comments on their pics, feeling appreciation for you pic feels great right? What do you do when i tell you , grandma your pic is awesome :) i know you gonna *blush* *blush*, same feel people get in this app. Grandma, you want to post it on Instagram now?? I knew you would say yes, come on granny stop blushing now, tell me one nice caption for your picture? (Silence for few seconds, then granny face becomes sad) Oh! Granny don't feel sad we have Auto Captions app, you can upload your image and they will suggest the hashtags and awesome captions, we can just copy them and post it in instagram :) see its super simple, no need to scratch head and feel sad :) Come on, now can i see twinkling smile of yours :) Yasss, there it is. Wait let me take one more pic of yours now :D Product Page : https://www.producthunt.com/post...