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What alternative service has all the features of video conferencing for Zoom.us?

Zoom seems to have every feature available in their video conferencing except one glaring issue: The audio quality is horrible. 128kbit/s is the mp3 quality you had when you downloaded music off Napster in 99'. No bueno, this is a paid service! I know there's a lot of innovative companies coming out right now--and I'm wondering if there's one just like ZOOM. Extra points if its for free!
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  1. Fredrik Aurdal πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄ made this product
    If you look in the Communication category, I've ranked the most private and secure communication apps (most of them are free), lots of great alternatives to Zoom.
  2. James WelchCEO @ innovationcompany.co.uk Β· Written
    I've not really done video meetings for a looong time because they used to be pretty awful. Through a friend of a friend I started to use Close and have had around 20-30 meetings on it now, all pretty good. Although it lets you connect in different ways, I've only ever used it on a Chrome browser and it works well.
  3. MirrorFly video conferencing solution is the ideal alternative to the Zoom video conference app where it supports multiple industries and equipped with security protocols. MirrorFly video conference solution is a one-time payment solution for all the customizable features, functionalities, use cases and user base counts. MirrorFly Offers, Upfront, completely one-time payment for your entire video conferencing Solution. Absolutely customizable for any feature and functionality irrespective of platforms. Self-hosting to cloud-hosting, analytics is possible! Adding participants limit up to 2000(in case of large meetings).