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What mail app do you use and why?

I just read Spark's privacy policy and I don't agree with it. I am thinking of switching to a new mail app? Which do you use and why?
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    Spark for Mac

    Beautiful and intelligent email app

    Daniel da Rocha
    Daniel da RochaArchitect based in Berlin · Written
    Available on my Mac and iPhone, looks and feels great, very customizable.
    Good UI/UX, simple, fast and lightweight. Smart inbox is useful.
    Yury Molodtsov
    Yury MolodtsovDay One Ventures · Written
    Smart notifications and very advanced search. Haven't found any other client that allows to search in the inbox that fast, especially when you need to find certain attachments.
    • Alex Haff
      Alex HaffEntertainment // Media // Technology

      I've been using Spark since the very beginning. I was an original waitlist-starting user of Mailbox, and was excited to find spark almost immediately after Mailbox went extinct. This is the best email experience on every platform, and has a variety of productivity features that make it my go-to.

    • Ever since Mailbox became a graveyard app, I have been looking for a worthy replacement – and Spark is as close as it gets! The UI is clean, combining dark and light colors which helps with using the app; the side menu being dark while the rest of the UI has a white background makes you focus on the important stuff (the mail list and the mail in focus)!

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    Newton by CloudMagic

    Supercharged emailing with space-age features

    Francesco D'Alessio
    Francesco D'Alessio3Productivity App Reviewer · Written
    Powerful read receipts, send later, undo send, connected apps + more. All very helpful for outreach needs, especially influencer marketing & PR. Disclaimer: I work with the team, after falling in love with the app.
    Naveed Shah
    Naveed ShahHunter of Products · Written
    Newton is great, it's seamless across Mac and iPhone, plus everything @francescod_ales said
    Hitchhiker Guides
    Hitchhiker GuidesFounder, Hitchhiker Guides Travel App · Written
    I've used it and it works seamlessly
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    Polymail iOS

    Simple, beautiful, powerful email for iOS

    Joe Lesina
    Joe LesinaCMO — · Written
    Polymail for life! Simple design and set up but most of all, great features! PROS: 1. Tracker: You can see when you email is read or not! 2. Schedule: You can schedule emails 3. Follow up options 4. share email on an online link 5. many more CONS: 1. Design isn't bad but could be improved
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    AI meets email for Mac, iOS and Android

    Adrien Antoine
    Adrien AntoineFront end developer · Written
    Nice UI, all the classic features and their AI assistant is pretty good at sorting priority emails.
    Anmol Maini
    Anmol MainiFrontend Engineer @ Postmates · Written
    Great UI, and the built in insights and tracking features are super helpful.
    Stefano Bourscheid
    Stefano BourscheidFull-stack dev @8fit · Written
    Making filters, decluttering the inbox and his general insights about VIP list is awesome. UI worth mentioning as well.
    • Geoff Schaadt
      Geoff SchaadtVP, TryCycle Data Systems

      I've been a delighted user of Astro almost since launch. And now they have sold to Slack - and are immediately shutting down.

      Can anyone recommend a good email/calendar client?

    • Howard Keziah
      Howard KeziahCEO, Impact Technologies Group, Inc.

      My mail client has to handle my personal as well as business mail. My life isn't neatly divided into work and non-work. All my personal mail is through my mac address. Not supporting that makes it worthless to me.

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    Airmail 3

    A simple, beautiful email client for Mac and iOS

    Stephen Parker
    Stephen ParkerVirtual Assistant, Zirtual · Written
    Fantastic interface, integration with different services like Trello. Scheduling, email templates, snoozing, etc. The works! Only con is that one time an email didn't send out on time and it was reflected in the irritate response a coworker gave me. But since then, all have gone out exactly on time!
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    Pawel Kadysz
    Pawel KadyszFounder, · Written
    1+ for Airmail. Newton is really slow at IMAP search. Same for Spark. And Airmail is the only 'modern' email client that supports SpamSieve.
    Eli Or
    Eli OrFront End Developer, Dynamic Yield · Written
    Use this on my Mac. Way better than Spark.
    • I've been actively searching for an email client that gave me a universal inbox for all my accounts. As a consultant, I regularly have 3+ client email addresses in addition to my main 3-- work, personal, business campaign funnel. I love the sleek design and ability to reach inbox zero. I already have a good email system, so those who dont actively use folders may not be as wowed as I was -- and still am. Looking forward to continued updates, bug fixes and app integrations.

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    Loop Email

    Emailing for teams: Organize your Inbox into channels 💌

    Ana Topoljski
    Ana TopoljskiSocial Media Manager at LOOP · Written
    Loop brings team messaging to your inbox so you and your team can share emails and quick messages in one place. Loop is a secure email desktop app that works with your Gmail, Outlook or any Office365 account. Install Loop, connect it with your existing inbox, create your sales, marketing, management or any other project teams and start messaging.😻😎
    • Loving the fact I can have one place to check my emails and messages. Obviously with this there are some advanced features still not there, but I can live with this given I now only have one place to search for all my stuff

    • Mateja Sefman
      Mateja SefmanHead of digital marketing

      Love how I can triage messages and emails in the same inbox. The files tab for every channel is a gem. Looping in a team is so powerful when I need help with my responses to clients. The bot is still under construction but he's getting some cool skills soon!

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    Inbox by Google

    Next generation inbox

    Abbas Jaffar Ali
    Abbas Jaffar AliDirector, Tbreak Media · Written
    Works great on mobile and desktop and lets you access your complete GMail Inbox which is helpful for me as I've been using GMail for many many years and have an mailbox that is over 40GB
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    This is the best app for keeping your inbox clutter free and super organized. I love the ‘smart’ bundling feature which detects certain types of emails (travel itineraries, promotions, purchases, and more) and automatically apply a label to them, bundling them in one folder but keeping them in your inbox. It’s so handy for when you quickly need to find that email to print your boarding pass or access your receipts of online purchases. Also lots of options for snoozing and reminders to reply to important but forgotten emails. You even get notifications asking you if you’d like to unsubscribe from email lists which you haven’t opened in the last six months.
    • Martijn Wismeijer
      Martijn WismeijerThey promised us free Bitcoin!

      I was one of the first users of inbox and use it every single day. It helps organize my mail in such a way that improves my productivity. The ability to add reminders is a real plus.

    • Agustin Esperon
      Agustin EsperonCo-Founder & Head of UX/Design at Wideo

      It took me just 4 days to get used to it coming from traditional gmail desktop tool.

      But once I could manage the initial learn curve, it really improved my productivity specially with reminders, smart suggested answers and how it groups different kinds of emails automatically.

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    End-to-end encrypted email - now on iOS & Android

    Florian Karmen
    Florian KarmenSEO Consultant in Strasbourg · Written
    Secure email messaging at its best. Easy to use, cheap and nice UI/UX
  9. It's good enough
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  10. Ben
    BenProduct @ Close · Written
    Using Superhuman feels like the first time using GMail in 2004 coming from Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail. Super fast, keyboard shortcuts for everything, and powerful search.
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    Lars Böhnke
    Lars BöhnkeAll the stuff besides coding @ PEY GmbH · Written
    You are just as fast as superman with the built-in shortcuts. Its also as fast as you are with Superhuman! Also great, slick minimalistic design. Best email app I've ever used!
    Chris Messina
    Chris Messina12Product designer & entrepreneur · Written
    It's insanely fast, has a huge number of keyboard shortcuts, and tons of nice touches to help you plow through your inbox.
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  11. Eli Or
    Eli OrFront End Developer, Dynamic Yield · Written
    Best email client for Windows, with a slick interface and a lot of features, such as contacts synchronization, panel for third party apps, themes, signatures, labels and so more. You can connect up to three accounts simultaneously, for more a Premium Account is needed (and it's really cheap)
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    Mailbutler 2.0

    Your personal assistant for Gmail and Apple Mail 📬

    Anthony Recenello
    Anthony RecenelloDating Coach and Head of Wolf & Garden · Edited
    I have tried literally EVERY mail app. Honestly, they just aren't as perfect compared to the regular Mac Mail. Plus, I can add Mailbutler to it as a free plugin and get all the cool features of the 3rd-party mail apps. (Plus I bought SpamSieve and now my is a powerhouse!)
    Simone Wong
    Simone WongMarketing @mailbutler 🔌 · Written
    Simone Wong made this product
    For those working with Gmail or Apple Mail! If you're looking for a solution that make emails more efficient and stress-free, give Mailbutler a go. It won't change the interface of your inbox (everything you're used to remains!) but simply supercharges it with a suite of productivity tools (Send Later, Signatures, Snooze, Tracking...) ⭐️
    • Glenn Lidstone
      Glenn LidstonePresident, SHMS Inc.

      The best feature of MB to me was the toolbar icon that allowed you to quickly compose an email. NowI see three tabs in this icon: Activity which doesn't seem to do anything, Notes which allows you to put a note on an email (but this icon only displays the ones you have created), and Tasks (similar to notes). So, it appears the feature I used MB for is now not there at all. :(

    • I loved the email pause feature and sadly it has been removed. More importantly, the security issues introduced in v2 are a deal-breaker for me. If the makers are reading this, is there a way to still subscribe and use the old version? I deleted my account yesterday, but would start a paid subscription if I can still use the previous version.

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    Free email template builder for designers and developers

    Yuriy36Marketing Manager @ Ardas · Written
    Easy-to-use email builder with designed email templates to save time on routine with rich exporting opportunities to top ESPs. It has built-in banner designer. You can start for free.
    • Anna
      AnnaEmail marketer, copywriter

      In fact, I like it that my colleagues have a shared Stripo account. Convenient when a large number of people need to have access to work on and edit same projects. Would love to embed in my SaaS

    • Nastasiya Burban
      Nastasiya BurbanBusiness Analyst at Sprinkle Group S.A.

      We had a separate person, who has created adaptive emails for our company. Now we don't need it anymore. As a Business Analyst I spent a few hours for creating more than 25 emails. Stripo really decreases expenses.

  14. Fredrik Aurdal 🇳🇴
    Fredrik Aurdal 🇳🇴🛠️ Indie Maker 🗝 · Written
    Fredrik Aurdal 🇳🇴 made this product
    If you look in the Communication category I've ranked the most private and secure email services at least, unless you are looking for a service like thunderbird?
    best link ever - thanks for it :)
  15. Jay
    JayDeveloper · Written
    simple and minimalist
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    Kiwi for Gmail

    The only true email client for Gmail on Mac

    Michael Folling
    Michael FollingFounder/CEO · Written
    It has the familiarity of gmail yet I can quickly switch between multiple accounts easily. No more opening up an incognito window to log into another gmail account.
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    • Matthew Dunn
      Matthew DunnChief Explainer, Say It Visually

      One college-student son said "I practically gave up the browser" when I put Kiwi on his Mac. The other said "not getting it." I use Kiwi constantly.

      With a single Gmail account, it might not rock your world.

      With multiple accounts, it's really a massive improvement.

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    Collaborate right in your inbox

    The ability to communicate around emails has truly transformed the way we communicate as a team. If you often discuss emails as part of a team (e.g. sales or support), it's truly a game changer, and works wonderfully across all platforms.
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    Edison Mail

    Your email with an assistant built in

    JarekDesigner + Creator · Written
    It's a great all-around email app. It's tracks packages, which is a great feature.
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    The fast, safe, mobile way to keep your inbox under control.

    Pro - Can group mail in Inbox by sender/subject/time and ease of switching between them. Con - Search only works in Inbox,no archive or other folders
    • I have too much unread newsletters and this app helped me group them by senders, as a result I can achieve/delete all selected emails by single click!

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    Inbox by Gmail, finally on your Mac

    For those who use gmail. this is a great native solution. clean interface. free with set app!