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What is the best HTML5 template generator by value?

I'm looking for easy ways to generate HTML 5 templates that I can edit with code, or generally improve the look, weight, and functionality of my static website.
3 recommended
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    HTML 5 UP

    Makes spiffy HTML5 site templates

    Here's one of my go to websites for templates or inspirations. By @ajlkn
  2. 2
    Slides Framework

    Animated web presentations and landing pages in HTML/CSS 😻

    Edvard KhondkaryanManaging Partner at Designmodo Β· Written
    Edvard Khondkaryan made this product
    Slides Framework exactly do what you need.
    Juho SAll great roads go through PH Β· Written
    Rarely buy over 100$ licenses for personal use, but this one really hit it through the ball park. Hopefully they continue on rapid development cycles in the future as well. Here are some of the examples of extras they have added component wise: https://designmodo.com/slides/ex...
  3. Jordan BowmanπŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» I make stuff for the web. Β· Written
    Jordan Bowman made this product
    Templates that are: πŸ“± Responsive ⚑️ Fast β˜€οΈ Distinctive design πŸ’° Pay-what-you-want πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» HTML/CSS πŸ“„ Openly licensed