Alexis KimUX Designer, pennypost

What is the best community for photographers of all experience levels?

I'm thinking of what flickr was like in its heyday. I really miss those days...
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  1. Christopher HannahSwift Developer / Writer · Written
    I'm a super amateur photographer, and I find the discovery, and community on 500px to be really enjoyable.
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    Instagram 8

    A new look for Instagram

    Hugo Fauquenoigrowth ツ product @todoist @twistappteam · Written
    Probably obvious, but Instagram is still an amazing place to share your work and connect with likeminded photographers. Whether you're into portraits or landscape photography, there's a "community" for everyone in there.
  3. Sriharsha ChekuriTech. Lead, Cognizant · Written
    This is a closed group facebook, you can access only when you purchase their book on Amazon. Once you are in the group you can get great feedback on your pictures and see the EXIF info excellent pictures posted by other user.