Jason Victor
Jason VictorHelp Desk Manager · Written
I've been using DoggCatcher for at least five (5) years (if not longer). It doesn't seem to be as 'known' as others (maybe because there is no iOS version). One great feature is the sync across devices - "One Feed to control them all!" I like that you can create your own 'virtual feed' when I download an audio book or radio drama. And from their site: ChromeCast- cast audio and video to your ChromeCast device Easy to find new podcasts/feeds Fully automated download and cleanup of media files Offline playback of audio and video Actively developed and supported Highly configurable Variable speed playback Categories for feeds Supports authenticated feeds (username/password) Active user community Always updating and improving and picked by LifeHacker as Best Podcast Player 2015 (http://lifehacker.com/5855861/th...). It just keeps getting better and better.