What's the best podcasts app out there?

I follow a zillion podcasts on my apple iTunes app, I'm looking for an app that has a better UX and can sync with all of my zillion podcasts.
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    Pocket Casts

    Powerful podcast manager for iOS & Android. New v.5 release.

    o1xhackcs Student, iOS Developer · Written
    Great UI, Stats on time your listening, Trim Silence, Speed, Auto Download, make lists, All you need is here!
    Lorenzo S.
    Lorenzo S.SSE@Microsoft · react-native maintainer · Written
    It's been my favourite podcast app for 2+ years now. Easy to use, sync with multiple devices, clean look and a lot of extra features (variable speed, 30s jumps, etc).
    Alex Carter
    Alex CarterEx Apple Podcasts, 60dB, PH Podcasts 😻 · Written
    Good option for Android (costs a few dollars for download)
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    Overcast 3.0

    A powerful yet simple podcast player

    Overcast is my go to podcast player! For streaming on Mac you can use PodcastMenu.
    Darren Waring
    Darren WaringWatch this space ;-) · Written
    Pretty happy with it. There's a review here that might help http://thesweetsetup.com/apps/ou... with a main feature being that you can vary the speed of the podcast (don't speed up John Lee Dumas though he already sounds like he's on helium).
    Katya Kotlyar
    Katya KotlyarCo-founder @ stay tuned · Written
    I used to be a big Stitcher fan but Overcast's UI is much more intuitive and I like the suite of services it offers.
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    The social podcast app 🎧

    Mike Coutermarsh
    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale · Written
    I've been using this for the past few weeks. I really like it so far. Works well = UI is really nice. Social/friends aspect is nice as well. Makes finding new podcasts easier.
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    Christopher Hannah
    Christopher HannahSwift Developer / Writer · Written
    I also recommend Breaker, mainly due to the discovery features. With it offering recommendations on a per-episode basis, which I find a lot more beneficial than an entire new show.
    I was on the regular podcast apple app until breaker... never going back. The barrier of the switch is easy and the product is like 1000000 times better
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    Castro 3

    Queue-based podcast app updated with trim silence, chapters.

    Colm Doyle
    Colm DoyleSoftware Engineer · Written
    Amazing app. Great UI and the inbox concept makes deciding what to listen too a breeze.
    Limited Design
    Limited DesignFrench design enthusiasts · Edited
    Not as much wellknown as PocketCast but worth every pennies. UX is a charm
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    Podcasts by Apple
    Richard kim
    Richard kimdev | Google, privacy.com, Drift, twindr · Written
    the ios11 podcasting app is *actually* very good! I've been waiting for apple to take podcasting seriously for almost a decade and they finally have. It's less buggy, cleaner, fewer frustrations. I was hopping from podcast app to podcast app and all of them fell short until i updated to the ios11 beta
    Harold Cummington
    Harold CummingtonProduct Manager at Slark · Edited
    The built in one is not perfect, but it's the best option. Also, it's too annoying to switch because I don't want to lose my listening history / subscriptions.
    I use this daily but only because it is the only app with a decent desktop solution. Will switch in an instant if someone else builds a desktop app, hopeful for the update of Downcast whenever that appears.
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    Tarik Kurspahic
    Tarik KurspahicCTO digi.me | Tech, Product, Marketing · Written
    This app has a great and intuitive interface for managing podcasts
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    Shows with Music, from Anchor & Spotify

    Combine your talk segments with music and share to Spotify.

    Maybe not exactly what you're looking for, but a great app with a better UX
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    Player FM
    Free and amazingly one of the best.
    Player.fm is the best in the business.The best thing about the podcast is the forward and rewind buttons in the notification panel.
    Vinayak Joshi
    Vinayak JoshiCEO, LearningConcepts. · Written
    Amazing set of features. Has a web counterpart also, so you can listen to podcasts on your laptop also.
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    Podcast Addict
    Sandro Mancini
    Sandro ManciniSeek max(utility) & min(fuss+cash) · Written
    So powerful, it puts all other podcast players to shame, in any platform. Pretty much the only option for serious podcast listeners on Android. You can create categories, discover podcasts and add them from the app, manage audio and video podcasts, skip blank audio, increase and decrease playback speed by 0.1 increments (for video as well!) and the setting will be remembered *per podcast feed*, enable individual episode cover art, manage Youtube subscriptions from the app (unfortunately Youtube forbids downloading) and play the episodes inside the app, etc etc etc...
    I've used Instacast on iOS and several other podcast apps on Android after I switched to Android platform some years ago, when my brother showed me Podcast Addict. OMG. Podcast Addict is the best podcast app EVER made. Tons of features and as sandro mentioned it puts all other apps to shame. The developer is very keen on fixing bugs and very helpful.
    Braulio Valenzuela
    Braulio ValenzuelaGrowth Marketer at Dreambits Labs · Written
    I agree! Since I left the disaster that was Podcasts by Apple and discovered Podcast Addict, I haven't doubted it's the best Podcast app.
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    Planet Money

    A podcast covering the global economy

    Alex Carter
    Alex CarterEx Apple Podcasts, 60dB, PH Podcasts 😻 · Written
    If you only want NPR shows
    Ha-HoaSenior Product Manager, NPR · Written
    Includes podcasts from public media and other smart media publishers like Buzzfeed, Vox, Gimlet, and refinery29.
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    Alex Carter
    Alex CarterEx Apple Podcasts, 60dB, PH Podcasts 😻 · Written
    Another interesting approach to podcast management and discovery
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    A social podcast player

    Alex Carter
    Alex CarterEx Apple Podcasts, 60dB, PH Podcasts 😻 · Written
    Another social experiment
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    John Ford
    John Ford@eyupitsjohn · Written
    Aesthetically, it's pretty basic, but there are plenty of settings to help you tailor the experience to your tastes. Plus, there are official iOS and Mac apps available, which ideal if, like me, you listen both via your phone and laptop. P.s. If anyone knows of any other podcast apps that have both native iOS and Mac apps, please let me know. I couldn't find any others when I was in the market.
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    Any song. One tap away.

    Nitin Bharathy
    Nitin BharathyTechnology, Products, Social · Written
    Spotify added a number of podcasts - check them out. Flip side is, they are mobile only for now, and some have country restrictions. I've relegated iTunes to second place already for music, in favor of Spotify. Will switch fully once they add desktop and reduce limitations.
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    Spencer P Shulem
    Spencer P ShulemFounder, BuildBetter.app · Written
    I wish this had the ability to save them and save state and stuff...
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    Tunein Radio

    Listen to any radio station from anywhere, anywhere

    EazyECan't we all get Along! · Written
    been a strong app for me when listening to anything on the go in NYC. fully buffers quick and good interface
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    Brings you today's best short audio stories

    Alex Carter
    Alex CarterEx Apple Podcasts, 60dB, PH Podcasts 😻 · Written
    60dB is primarily focused on delivering personalized feeds of short form audio to the listener, but there is also standard podcast management, including customized playlists for subsets of shows and keywords that dynamically populate over time (This one titled The Resistance is a fun one: https://60db.co/collection/5ee24...)
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    Discover, listen to, and share podcasts with friends.

    Alex Carter
    Alex CarterEx Apple Podcasts, 60dB, PH Podcasts 😻 · Written
    Another interesting alternative from some of the former Clammr team
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    Ben Lang
    Ben LangCommunity @NotionHQ, angel investor · Written
    Super minimalistic and great discovery built in
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    Jason Victor
    Jason VictorHelp Desk Manager · Written
    I've been using DoggCatcher for at least five (5) years (if not longer). It doesn't seem to be as 'known' as others (maybe because there is no iOS version). One great feature is the sync across devices - "One Feed to control them all!" I like that you can create your own 'virtual feed' when I download an audio book or radio drama. And from their site: ChromeCast- cast audio and video to your ChromeCast device Easy to find new podcasts/feeds Fully automated download and cleanup of media files Offline playback of audio and video Actively developed and supported Highly configurable Variable speed playback Categories for feeds Supports authenticated feeds (username/password) Active user community Always updating and improving and picked by LifeHacker as Best Podcast Player 2015 (http://lifehacker.com/5855861/th...). It just keeps getting better and better.
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    The best listening experience for podcasts

    Álvaro Bernal
    Álvaro BernalFreelance Product Designer · Written
    Álvaro Bernal made this product
    An app made by podcasts fans and in continue updating thanks to users feedback.