What's the best email app?

Looking for a way to be more efficient.
Jordan WalkerSoFriendly Designs · Asked 

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Spark by Readdle

Fast, smart and beautiful email client for iOS

ArjunSenior Software Developer, Diagnal · Written
I've having been using Spark for past several months at work and my personal system. It is fast, and gets things done. I like its clean UI and minimalist approach. The smart inbox feature is also worth noting, which will surely improve over time.
I absolutely love Spark for Mac.
Inbox by Google

Next generation inbox

If you use gmail, Inbox is the way to go. I have been using it since there early beta and I have not looked back sense. It effortlessly organizes your inbox into categories based on what you read and when, as well as sorting you trips based on the itinerary. Along with Reminders and a Todo list, it is truly a wonderful email experience.
Rob Morganhttps://about.me/rbdgswg · Written
It does everything for you! (and works on my iPad and Galaxy S7)
Polymail iOS

Simple, beautiful, powerful email for iOS

Andrew EttingerPMM @ Twitter, Previously @ Product Hunt · Written
It's sleek and has awesome features

AI meets email for Mac and iPhone

Lucas GrohnRedfin, Trainer · Written
Astro is currently the best email client out there for Gmail (and I believe 365) accounts. They are still in Beta and are near full featured. It allows to send later, snooze and set reminders. In addition to being a great standard client, it has built in AI that is only getting better as the days progress. It helps you quickly find action items in your email, set appointments and decide what is important. If you have macOS or iOS try it out.

Lightning fast mail client for OS X

Mason WearCo-Founder // The Loot Network · Written
It just works.
Spark for Mac

Beautiful and intelligent email app

Colin HardyFounder of Snagaprint · Written
Simple, elegant design and they are constantly coming out with great new features. Smart Inbox saves so much time by sifting through personal and work emails, as well as newsletters.
Microsoft Outlook for iOS

Official Microsoft Outlook app designed for iPhone and iPad

I might get some backlash for this one but for me I like all the manual rules I can create because I'm an organization freak. Also looking for a tool that turns incoming emails to lead management...so until I find that I will be using excel and rules with Outlook :)
MinnixA mind possessed by bits and pixels · Written
The best email client for Windows and macOS.