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I'm new to Cryptoassets, which one should I choose?

If you know Cryptokitties this one is for you. I found two new cryptoassets such as BitPet and TronDogs which will be launching soon. I was wondering which of the two should I start with? I didn't choose Cryptokitties as I wanted to start on these two upcoming cryptoassets before they get established.
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@miko_abesamis Seems like most people here are slinging recommendations for currencies around - for which there's usually an ulterior motive. If you haven't done your own research into owning an altcoin, I'd stay away. These are the kinds of things that can bankrupt you. If you're looking for something in the same vein as cryptokitties, something like a digital trading card, I'd suggest taking a look at Open Bazaar https://www.openbazaar.org/ or Rarebits https://rarebits.io/. These are 2 of the more reputable platforms. That said, still inadvisable unless you trust/believe in the team - just look at what happened to the whole Crypto All-Stars platform. Dead in the water: https://www.coindesk.com/game-ov....
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@miko_abesamis @george_dy I was so hyped about Crypto All-Stars and then *poof* and the two guys on the team are throwing rocks at each other =(
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@miko_abesamis if you are looking for serious investment, take a look at Ripple / XRP. Very interesting project with big real world partners...
@miko_abesamis @lassesoi what is this recommendation based on? Only on the fact that its backed by big corporations? Imho the purpose of the ripple coin in the network kind of disqualifies the coins as an investment asset.
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@miko_abesamis https://coinmarketcap.com/all/vi... is an interesting website to check out when considering the growth and varying gains of cryptocurrencies over definable durations of time. @lassesoi is correct, Ripple (XRP) is very interesting; Bitcoin (BTC) and Etherium (ETH) are fairly prominent for investing in.
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@miko_abesamis I see that many people are recommending single cryptocurrencies that you should invest in. Here's what I would suggest in case you do not want to spend the rest of your life tracking the prices. Invest in crypto funds. Coinbase just launched their [Index Fund](https://am.coinbase.com/?ref=pro...) yesterday. That might be a good start if you are in US and are an accredited investor. Otherwise, look at other crypto funds around - [Authorito Capital](http://authorito.com/) (Disclaimer: I am CEO of Authorito) or Crypto20.
@miko_abesamis @mohitmamoria as crypto is indefinitely divisble. You can easily get the same exposure by simply weighting Top X assets by marketcap. You might however get out of sync from time to time and need to rebalance on a recurring basis by yourself.
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@miko_abesamis you can also give a thought to cryptostamps. they also have a interesting concept!
@miko_abesamis Depends on if you want to try it out for fun, or as an investment. If you are thinking about investing in that "asset", it's like putting your money on fire 🔥
@miko_abesamis Check out coinmarketcap and take a look at the top 100 projects. Don't invest into Ripple, Tron, Cardano, or Bitcoin Cash. These are all scam projects and any veteran crypto investor will tell you to stay FAR away from any of these investments. Also stay away from coinbase unless you are OK with paying high fees, having your customer data being sent to the IRS, and zero options for investing other then 4 cryptos. What you want to start doing is looking at whare are some of the next infrastructure blockchain solutions entering the market and invest heavily into those. There are so many new crypto categories to explore such as scalability solutions, dapps, privacy, and protocols. Here are my top 5 projects for 2018, and projects that are going to go anywhere from 50-100x in the next year. You can screenshot this and remind yourself to check back in a year :) 1. Aion 2. Icon 3. Nebulas 4. Dragonchain 5. Wanchain If you need more help on what to do and how to get started. Check out my telegram community which is absolutely free: https://t.me/joinchat/GIgMUhAl5d... Or follow me on twitter at @cryptohuntco I post charts, analysis, TA, and fundamentals on the next big cryptoassets. Don't miss the rocket ship :)
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@miko_abesamis if you need to track your cryptos, you have to use https://vertfolio.com/, I've been used it for a while and I think is better than Black folio or even Delta.
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@miko_abesamis You should come join my casual cryptocurrency trading group! There's about 120 of us chatting about trading crypto + portfolio spreads https://t.me/tradetradetrade
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@miko_abesamis I would suggest the following crypto assets: CryptoCelebrity https://www.producthunt.com/post... CryptoTwittos https://www.producthunt.com/post... CryptoFamous https://www.producthunt.com/post... As for the suggestions you received regarding altcoins it is always important to do your own research before investing.
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@miko_abesamis Hey Miko, I would suggest calling those entities you are looking for crypto-collectibles as crypto-assets can be fairly easily misunderstood. As the comments show many are thinking of the underlying crypto-protocols, eg Ripple or Ethereum. And secondly, why not invest directly in the protocols that make cryptokitties and the like possible? The value of collectibles is questionable, while the blockchains they are being built on do so much more. Think of it as like owning baseball cards vs owning part of the plant that makes baseball cards. What investment likely pays off more?