What's a good pitch deck collection?

Looking for a well put collection of pitch decks of companies of different industries and stages, from seed stage to the stars. All I can find is some blog posts here and there, some of them with broken links.
Antonio BustamanteDesigner, Engineer at Kite · Asked

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Startup Pitch Decks

Real decks from real startups that raised over $400M

Eric FrumkinBD, Call/Text Cloud APIs @ Bandwidth.com · Written
here is what you want -- enjoy.
Ben Tossell18Community Lead, Product Hunt · Written
This is such a great directory of pitch decks, put together nicely :)
Love browsing through these decks.
Pitch Envy

A gallery of startup pitch decks

I think this is what you are looking for. If not, and you wanted to create a pitchdeck graphicriver.net has great templates that I still use alot.
Antonio BustamanteDesigner, Engineer at Kite · Written
I think Pitch Envy in particular doesn't work anymore...
Get Backed

Launch the venture of your dreams

Thomas EvansCOO, EmailOctopus · Written
not an online resource, but a great book on how to build a pitch deck.