Mahesh ShresthaHunt down the products I use | Engineer

What is the first app you look at as soon as you are awake?

You just awoke, but you can't help yourself getting out of the bed unless you visit that one app!
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    Instagram 8

    A new look for Instagram

    Good content
  2. 85
    Reddit App 2.0

    The official app for Android & iOS is all new ✨

    Mahesh ShresthaHunt down the products I use | Engineer · Written
    Need to start the day with some dank memes on
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    Automatic habit & goal tracker

    Willie KellerSenior Product Analyst · Written
    This app is a habit tracker app and I stick with it during the day because it remind me to do all the task I've planned for my self.
    Becky SimmonsIT Executive | YouTube Product Expert · Written
    I have to say that the UI in this app is stunning
    Dannie NguyenJunior Marketing Executive · Written
    sure this one cuz I would what I should do next after opening my eyes (like gym or yoga...)
  4. Adam John LeaFlutter | Dart | @flutterappschool · Written
    Gotta keep up with all my dev friends and colleagues
    Get up to date on the world news
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    Steve KalifowitzPresident, · Written
    Best collection of what's happened from my well-curated feed. Plus, Twitter's algorithm is getting better at showing me relevant info.
  5. Doron VermaatProduct guy at Efty · Written
    Email still is the most important technology for me as a business owner.
    Vinayak JoshiCEO, LearningConcepts. · Written
    because my work life runs on Gmail
    Dina Goldie DavisCareer change, Product Manager · Written
    everything goes through gmail
  6. 24

    Put down your phone and get back to your life

    Mateo MorrisonFounder, CEO at Fangoo · Written
    I want to know how many time I spent the previous day, and how I can improve my life.
  7. Reddit with an iOS design
    The best way to view Reddit!
    best reddit app for iOS!
  8. 11

    Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.

    The number of notifications I have received overnight insists me to open Slack first :/
    Matthew R. CareyCo-Founder and CEO, Blueprint Income · Written
    I'm addicted! In a good way...
    Kuba RogalskiContent Writer at LiveChat · Written
    Gotta be Slack. I just need to see if I am up to date with what's going on in the company. Unless it's a weekend, then it's Instagram :)
  9. 10
    Overcast 3.0

    A powerful yet simple podcast player

    To get a morning podcast going.
  10. OleksandrPh.D., Digital Marketing, GBKSOFT Team · Written
    check my earns
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    Reddit App

    The official app for Android & iOS. Meow.

    Mike MoloneyFounder @filtergrade. · Written
    I get news, entertainment, and learn a lot from the various niche communities on Reddit.
  12. Aswin BakshiFounder, Bordo · Written
    To check what I missed when I am sleeping
    Dina Goldie DavisCareer change, Product Manager · Written
    theres always something new :-)
  13. 6

    Powering millions of teams to work smarter, together.

    Parul JoshiProduct Manager at · Written
    My day begins with Trello. I jot down and prioritize the tasks, pending or upcoming. This gives me a rough idea of the flow of my day.
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    Keep track of all your cryptocurrency & ICO investments.

    Babe MatthieuFreelance Senior Product Designer · Written
    Crypto check up every morning !
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  15. Stan jProduct Research Team · Written
    Check what happened overnight in my servers.
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    NPR One

    Public radio made personal.

    Get that morning newscast on the shower radio.
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    Bitcoin Flip

    A crypto trading simulator for beginners

    Alīna KitnereDigital project manager · Written
    I like to start the morning with cryptocurrency price monitoring! :)
  18. Emir EGCo-fouder of Loudy & Agave Studio · Written
    I am obsessed with my inbox
  19. The first app that I look at every morning is AppLock. This app helps me lock all my other apps, pictures and videos up. The reason why I look at it the first thing in the morning is that it has an intruder selfie feature which can take a picture when someone tries to unlock your phone with the wrong password. I need to make sure no one has ever touched my phone while I was asleep. If you are a cautious person like me, you need this app.
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    App lock is an application available for android mobiles and tabs. By using this app we can lock our applications which are there in our mobile by setting either a pattern or a password and at the time of setting pattern it also asks backup password so that if we forget our patter or password by entering the backup password we can reset the pattern and password. In this app we can set pattern to all available apps in our mobile or tab and even also to the installation or installation process we can put a security code.when ever we want to remove the security to a particular app, to which we previously arranged security by using app lock we can remove it by just one click. so friends please try this awesome application and enjoy your secured life with mobile and tabs
    Sounds good! I will give it a try! Thanks for sharing. ^_^
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    Telegram X

    An alternative Telegram client built in Swift

    wojtekceo @ naval's fortune cookie co. · Written
    Got some groups and bots.