Kevin Suttle
Kevin SuttleSenior Software Engineer at @Webflow

How do you like to manage screenshots across all of your devices?

e.g. I take a ton of screenshots across my Mac and iPhone, but I don't love that they clutter up my camera roll and my HDD space.
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  1. Chris Zilo
    Chris ZiloDirector of Technology · Written
    I use Evernote + Skitch on my Mac and iPhone. Use Skitch to take screenshots, annotate them if needed etc. Skitch will automatically back up all my screenshots to my Evernote account. (*Disclaimer: I have a premium Evernote account so have more storage space available to save screenshots at will)
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    The easiest way to share files

    Lucas Grohn
    Lucas GrohnEast Coast Trainer | Zillow Offers · Written
    Droplr is an awesome tool for sharing screen shots across all platforms.