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What is the best app for childcare?

What are some of the best apps for parents that help in taking care of their children?
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Arador@askarador · Founder @ Arador
@shannon_bracken when my boys were in daycare we received multiple daily updates from this app it's awesome
Shannon Bracken@shannon_bracken · SitterFriends Community Manager
@askarador Awesome Thank you! Do your children still need babysitters?
Arador@askarador · Founder @ Arador
@shannon_bracken We have that taken care of thanks, but good luck with your service.
Aline Carrara@aline2 · Editor, Writer & Marketing Expert.
@shannon_bracken I personally use to monitor my kid's online activities on their cell phone and computer machines. It's actually spying app but best to monitor kids and teens secretly.
Alexandra Shustova@alexandra_shustova · Startup addicted
@shannon_bracken What do you mean talking about childcare? It can be safety, time management, or healthy habits. And there are lots of app for different purposes.
Alexandra Shustova@alexandra_shustova · Startup addicted
@shannon_bracken Personally I like for safety and time management. It's like your private hub for your family.
Janett Shields@eager_bear · financial analyst
I remember an app that helps to connect parents seeking childcare with local childcare providers such as babysitters, nannies, registered childminders, nurseries, schools private tutors. I also often use apps that offer unique kids' clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, books, nursery and room decor, and more. But if I cant find what Im looking for, I go to google. Recently, I decided to buy golden earrings for my young daughter and found cool site .. So, It's up to you, which app to use or not to use at all..
Sam Morris@morrissam · Payable smart contracts for Creators
Hi, @shannon_bracken. My wife and I have a service we're developing called PopChart.Family. It's a behavior management app/game system for families with kiddos. Not yet ready, but soon! :) Here is the URL -
Alex Q@alexcue · Senior Art Director
@shannon_bracken For my 10 month old, my wife and I have used and it has been an excellent resource to check whether someone has fed or changed the baby, etc. as well as keep track of metrics like weight/height/vaccine and milestones like rolling over, sitting up, etc. I particularly like it because it's cross-platform, and we are an Android/iOS household.
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