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What company/product were you most sad/surprised when it shut down?

I'm curious what products/companies were out there that couldn't stay in business. If you know why they shut down, please let me know!
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  1. 244

    Beautifully designed calendar app

    Thibaut BayartChief Curiosity Officer Β· Written
    Because there is no such calendar app
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  2. 156

    Capture ideas, things to do and places to see

    Simple and good free features.
    Really straightforward to do apps. No bluff, No fancy features, just perfect To Do apps
    Good old todolist.
  3. 121
    Mailbox 2.0

    Fly through your email

    ShivMake, break and ship. Β· Written
    Beautiful & clean. The swipe gestures were so good!
    Nick LekuonaChief Reader at Nimbooks. Β· Written
    The app which set the bar at the time. Clean and minimal, was a joy to use. Most of its groundbreaking features are in use now by any modern email client app, but still none compares in "cleanliness"
    KCBayes Area Β· Written
    The only email client that really seemed to separate the signal from the noise. It was also one of the first product launches I remember having a waiting list. Today it's common place, but it was somewhat paradigmatic at the time.
  4. TwidiFreelancer, python/django/react Β· Written
    This caused the fabulous concept of feeds user can control/choose to be, very sadly, almost dead.
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    Ravi MevchaProduct Manager and Startup Guy Β· Written
    Google Reader was the best product for my daily reading list, instead of visiting each website you get everything at one place. Feedly is good alternative, using it since Google Reader shutdown.
    UsmanFounder @savefromweb 🎯 · Written
    It was the only news aggregate app I used to read articles and it was really convenient.
  5. Didn't make sense. It was massively popular.
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    Awesome concept, wildly creative contributors.
  6. ... really didn't enjoy having to rebuild that entire backend from scratch, for BookupApp.com
  7. Niklaus GerberI assist with digital innovation Β· Written
    Crazy how it just went
    Neil McBeanCEO, Designer, Product Lead Β· Written
    Rdio was the best. I was lost when they shut down. Still haven't found a replacement. Play Music is pretty good, but Rdio was fantastic.
    I still miss it a lot. It had a wonderful UI.
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  8. 14
    Pebble Time

    New pebble smartwatch (prelaunch)

    Nick LekuonaChief Reader at Nimbooks. Β· Written
    Got three Pebbles myself and supported them on Kickstarter twice, once with the original, then again with the Time. Still think they are the people who got the smartwatch thing right; low power consumption, small apps which complemented the smartphone, thriving developer community, the works. Broke my heart when they were forced to sell; wearable development went back 5 years with their demise...
    HussainAndroid Developer and Machine Learner Β· Written
    Loved the e-paper implementation in a watch.
  9. Back when it launched, I used wave extensively, not just for communicating, but also as my note-taking app. It was as versatile as Evernote, slack etc.
  10. Ben Clarkprofessional scratch dev Β· Written
    I really thought vid.me would take over Youtube. Whoops.
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  11. Tim DineenCo-Founder, Recruitics Β· Written
    Pipes was an amazing and super extensible way to parse, filter and then merge multiples streams of data into one. It also had a pretty cool interface. Mostly for tech use, it was a UI to open platforms! RIP Yahoo Tech.
  12. 5

    Record and listen to conversations, rants, and audio shows

    So user friendly and just FUN.
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  13. 5

    The original and awesome music discovery platform

    TynamiteWeb and app developer, Hostingz Accent Β· Written
    This was a really good music discovery website.
  14. 4

    bookmarks made social

    M2πŸ¦„ I create things. WIP: Stream Sites! Β· Written
    The best collaborative bookmarking tool! You could make collections, with searchable tags, that were either public or private. It was great for curating content from around the web that your whole team could work with. RIP Kifi. RIP Google Spaces.
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    Moak DesignsInternet Marketing Manager Β· Written
    It was perfect for sharing within my team. Kinda found Toby as slight replacement but not as social as Kifi was.
  15. Rob TìgeirThinking good · Written
    This was the first and best organiser of my head and things. 4 years later I have still not found a product that organises things as nicely it did.
  16. Kuba RogalskiContent Writer at LiveChat Β· Written
    This is not something I had been personally sad about but I remember so many people being sad about Topsy being shut down. I think the reason why it happened was that they were acquired by Apple, but I don't know what happened to them after that.
  17. 3

    A beautiful e-book reader for iPhone, iPad and Android

    Nick LekuonaChief Reader at Nimbooks. Β· Written
    Really elegant reading app, showed a lot of promise. I was puzzled when Dropbox bought them and closed the project down; even tried to buy it so I could repurpose the app for my own project, but was advised by the ex-CEO to not bother as Dropbox wouldn't even want to discuss it...
    This had it all; stunning, crisp UI design; so-easy-your-mom-could-use-it ebook syncing features combined with a user community that was engaging but wasn't forced on you if you didn't want. I was gutted when the team was absorbed by Dropbox and the product shut down 4 years ago. I still miss it.
  18. It was fun listening tweets while working with my music in the background.
  19. 2
    Push to Deploy

    Deploy your site with 🚨 Big Red Button

    Deniz VatanDeveloper, sailor, dart player, diver .. Β· Edited
    https://medium.com/@AndreyAzimov... He already wrote about it :)
  20. Still haven't found a news reader quite as smart as Prismatic.