Lama Al RajihCMO, The Tardigrade Group

What company/product were you most sad/surprised when it shut down?

I'm curious what products/companies were out there that couldn't stay in business. If you know why they shut down, please let me know!
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  1. 83

    Beautifully designed calendar app

    Thibaut BayartChief Curiosity Officer · Written
    Because there is no such calendar app
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  2. 47

    Capture ideas, things to do and places to see

    Simple and good free features.
    Really straightforward to do apps. No bluff, No fancy features, just perfect To Do apps
    Good old todolist.
  3. 40
    Mailbox 2.0

    Fly through your email

    ShivMake, break and ship. · Written
    Beautiful & clean. The swipe gestures were so good!
  4. TwidiFreelancer, python/django/react · Written
    This caused the fabulous concept of feeds user can control/choose to be, very sadly, almost dead.
  5. Didn't make sense. It was massively popular.
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  6. Niklaus GerberCrafting outstanding digital services · Written
    Crazy how it just went
    Neil McBeanCEO, Designer, Product Lead · Written
    Rdio was the best. I was lost when they shut down. Still haven't found a replacement. Play Music is pretty good, but Rdio was fantastic.
    I still miss it a lot. It had a wonderful UI.
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  7. ... really didn't enjoy having to rebuild that entire backend from scratch, for
  8. Ben ClarkI really fucking hate my username · Written
    I really thought would take over Youtube. Whoops.
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  9. Back when it launched, I used wave extensively, not just for communicating, but also as my note-taking app. It was as versatile as Evernote, slack etc.
  10. 3

    Record and listen to conversations, rants, and audio shows

    So user friendly and just FUN.
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  11. 3

    The original and awesome music discovery platform

    TynamiteWeb and app developer, Hostingz Accent · Written
    This was a really good music discovery website.
  12. 3
    Pebble Time

    New pebble smartwatch (prelaunch)

    HussainAndroid Developer and Machine Learner · Written
    Loved the e-paper implementation in a watch.
  13. It was fun listening tweets while working with my music in the background.
  14. Jakub Rogalski34Community Manager at Brand24 · Written
    This is not something I had been personally sad about but I remember so many people being sad about Topsy being shut down. I think the reason why it happened was that they were acquired by Apple, but I don't know what happened to them after that.
  15. 1

    Last-minute reservations at popular restaurants (SF for now)

    Maaria BajwaInvestor, Sound Ventures · Written
    Because now it takes me a month and a kidney to get a reservation at Bestia on a Friday night
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  16. 1

    bookmarks made social

    M2User Experience Designer · Written
    The best collaborative bookmarking tool! You could make collections, with searchable tags, that were either public or private. It was great for curating content from around the web that your whole team could work with. RIP Kifi. RIP Google Spaces.
  17. 1
    Push to Deploy

    Deploy your site with Big Red Button

    Deniz VatanDeveloper, sailor, dart player, diver .. · Edited He already wrote about it :)
  18. Rob TìgeirThinking good · Written
    This was the first and best organiser of my head and things. 4 years later I have still not found a product that organises things as nicely it did.
  19. 1

    News app with high quality curated content

    AmarEclecticist. · Written
    Simple, clean, functional, and elegant. (It's about the original
  20. 1
    Doorman 2.0

    Schedule package delivery and shipping pickup 'til midnight

    Zach KrasnerDesign @ Coinbase · Written
    Zach Krasner made this product
    Was the best for package delivery, can't live without it!