samAssistant Principal. Father of twins.

What is your favorite app or tool for delivering engaging presentations?

Im always on the prowl for a compliment/alternate to powerpoint.
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Kenny Batista@kennybatista · Software Engineer
@greaterthan1000 Google Slides
Vishnu Vardhan@vshvrdhn · Founder, Plantcil & Indian Superheroes
@greaterthan1000 I use Prezi. Just love the dynamism and ease! Have you tried it yet?
sam@greaterthan1000 · Assistant Principal. Father of twins.
@vshvrdhn I have. I like how Prezi looks. I think they were ahead of the curve several years ago but they lack some of the additional features other platforms now have. Polling and the ability to have the audience respond are extras that I have now come to expect. Thanks for the recommendation!
Joe Batutis@jbatutis · Graphic Designer
@greaterthan1000 @vshvrdhn It's missing some basic text formatting functions. My clients like the animation, but they still want the kind of text formatting found in PowerPoint. Also, it's built on Flash.
Lyondhur@lyondhur · SM UX/IxD Designer Agile/Scrum Coach
Simple, practical and beautifully objective. I use Deckset for Mac Here.
Olivier de Locht@ol_dl · Product designer,
@greaterthan1000 Gor for Ludus. Web tool with plenty of nice new features at each new release
Yohan Attal@yohan_attal · Agorize - innovate together!
@greaterthan1000 Here are my 2 greatest tools :, . First one is a very intuitive&simple tool for designing, the second is AI-powered with loads of template to setup your slides. I'd go for the first one if you like to customize more, the 2nd one if you want to be really quick.
sam@greaterthan1000 · Assistant Principal. Father of twins.
@yohan_attal thanks. I just checked both out and will dig deeper. Both look great, I have heard good things about beautiful ai.
Karl Harris@apogeefreak
@greaterthan1000 I can’t think of anything better than Keynote. I have used several other options and always come back to it. Easy to use, you can create anything you can think of, flexible... you can create some truly wonderful presentations with it
Rami Debab@sapragus · I write code and design stuff.
@greaterthan1000 is fantastic ! i came across this too recently on Product Hunt and i've used it for many projects (personal + school) it's very easy to use, saves you precious time for charts and all that stuff, you can share links or export your project directly to PDF or PPT or embed your presentation in a website. Oh and it's all free !
Stowe Boyd@stoweboyd · futurist, researcher, iconclast
@greaterthan1000 Have you looked at Paste by FiftyThree? Designed to work with Slack.
Stowe Boyd@stoweboyd · futurist, researcher, iconclast
@greaterthan1000 I am using on a new presentation, but I have only a few hours of experience with it.
Moody Boles@moodyboles · Founder & CEO of Imaginators
@greaterthan1000 Imaginators will help you create interactive presentations that engage your audience.
Dropbox Paper for sure. From start to finish the best tool to create and present stuff.
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