LucasAspiring UI/UX designer

What is the best app for getting recommended news on specific topics?

I'm looking for an Android app that brings me news it thinks I'll like. I want to move on from RSS, because I think it's too hard to keep up with. I want to be able to select topics I want to receive news from and I'd love for the app to have a great looking interface!
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7 recommended
  1. 31
    Refind: Read Soon

    A list for what you want to read in the next 2 weeks

    Mohammed Rafy4All things Community @DoSelectHQ · Written
    I like Refind. It's where you can read about what your followers share.
  2. 23
    Nuzzel 2.0

    Discover top news stories & feeds from your friends

    Mohammed Rafy4All things Community @DoSelectHQ · Written
    This is the best app.
  3. 17
    Google Play Newstand

    Redesign of Google Currents for iOS

    Nilanchala PanigrahyCreative Technologist, Tribal Worldwide · Written
    This one is my personal favourite as it serves tailored contents based on your daily habbits.
    AradorFounder @ Arador · Written
    This and Google Assistant are great.
  4. Fruzsi PtOnline Marketer @Intellyo · Written
    the suggestions based on my saved articles are amazing and always great reads!
  5. mark!Social Media Manager, Red Bull TV · Written
    You can create specific filters by keyword as well as filter the news by different genres. I'd imagine it also "knows" what news would interest you based on the amount of data Google has on you ;)
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  6. philipptemmel✌🏼Founder @dyfemagazine | Design Student · Written
    I like to use Feedly, you hab follow your favorite websites/Blogs and it Shows all the relevant articles/news in a nice personalized Feed! 👍
  7. 1
    New Google Assistant

    From Google Home to your phone, including Google Lens

    AradorFounder @ Arador · Written
    I find myself using Google Assistant more and more often, increasingly for news.