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What do you use to collect questions and feedback during a presentation?

I want to know what tools do people use during conferences to interact with the attendees. Mostly for feedback and Q&A sessions. Please mention why.
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    Kunal BhatiaDesign @ Mercury · Written
    I use a combination of Twitter and Tweetdeck to collect questions. I'll advertise the hashtag for the sessions and set up a column in Tweetdeck to listen for them. It really helps to have a moderator or someone to manage questions if you have lots of volume.
    CherepukhinPartner Founder 🧇 · Written
    Yep, old school.
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    Prepare, facilitate and monitor your meetings.

    Lucas CERDANProduct & UX, Algolia · Written
    Wisembly is a pretty cool solution focused exclusively for that use case. I've seen it work for large conference, to everyday's meeting. Definitely worth testing :)
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    Complete presentation platform for professionals

    Roxana EfteneMarketing & Business Analysis · Written
    Roxana Eftene made this product
    I'm recommending Niftio. Even though I am a bit subjective to this issue, Niftio is a cool new presentation software that also has integrated an audience response system where conference/meeting attendees can ask the presenter questions in real-time.
    I have used this tool in the past and I can say that it's an all-round presentation tool. It got all that I could ask of: creating, presenting and most importantly, getting the precious feedback from my audience.
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    Live Q&A and Polls for your Meetings & Events

    Zoltán BorsosCo-Founder & Head of Product @ Dartsee · Written
    Was recommended to me by some friends and I've seen it in action at some conferences. There's real-time voting and polling, and also a presentation feature (which I've yet tot try out)
    Juraj PalOn a sabbatical · Written
    Juraj Pal made this product
    Hi @roxanaeft, using Slido your attendees can join via the browser on any device and then submit questions (also anonymously) or upvote the ones they like. Would love to have you try it to see what you think 🙌
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    Carsten K. Pleiserchief hustler @ founders & creators · Written
    Pretty easy to use for participants, good data capture and GDPR compliant.
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    Conduct live polls during conferences and lectures

    Fabrizio BianchiOnline & BI Analyst @ Nordax Bank · Written
    I have used it on both sides and can recommend it warmly.