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What are the best todo apps which run across all the platforms?

I've been using ios/mac reminders, but I want something which will work on all the platforms including Android. I've been looking at todoist and Are there better ones that you guys rely on?
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    Organize anything, together

    Tejas Kinger
    Tejas Kinger20SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc Β· Written
    Trello is great if you're working in a team and looking to manage everybody's to-dos. If you're using it as an individual, you could use it to slice and dice your tasks into sub-tasks, create a neat kanban style view. And yes, it works well both on desktop and mobile.
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    Mike Β· Written
    I thought Trello was only great for teams. I was wrong. I've been using it for my solo project and love it. It is exactly what I want in a task management app and will expand with my team if I hire a few people.
    Thiago de Carvalho
    Thiago de CarvalhoFounder @ Deer Designer Β· Written
    I use Trello for all things both business and personal. I have lots of boards for admin, content, marketing, but also have a few for my trips, shopping list, and personal goals. Because of its simple UI and great UX, Trello is a winner for me. Plus, it's free!
    • Nick Allen
      Nick AllenHead of Marketing at FileInvite | Kiwi

      Brilliant for managing all your project backlogs in a Kanban fashion. Including a list for the DIY tasks around the house.

      As a Marketer I use this daily to manage workflow, sort ideas around future content and prioritize my activities. My team collaborate and report using handy integrations with Google and we use it as a Customer service and Sales script repository to store links to docs and how-to videos.

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    • Johnathan Holland
      Johnathan HollandI truly obsess over helping others..

      If you aren't an organized person Trello allows for easy to see visuals that help keep projects on track. The team at Curexe has specifically used it to organize our bugs, new features, staging and production stages of our development.

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    Organize your life. Then go enjoy it.

    Todoist is probably the gold standard for cross-platform todo. I've been a happy user for more years than I can remember. The lead dev, Amir, is a super sharp product guy. πŸ‘
    Devin S
    Devin SThat design & front-end guy Β· Written
    I'm that weird guy who use Mac for work, Windows at home, and Android for phone. Todoist definitely helps me bridge my todo needs. Love their smart date feature.
    Joshua Anderson
    Joshua AndersonSoftware Engineer, SilverTech Β· Written
    Can't tell you how much I love this app. Seamless accross all platforms (I use iOS, macOS and Windows 10). I love the speed and ease of use of it. Also the smart date feature is top notch and by far the best implementation of this kind of feature I've seen to date.
    • haabe
      haabeDeveloper @ Snopp DesignbyrΓ₯

      We were looking for a tool to replace Asana, and after initially testing Todoist, became certain it could be the tool for us. But sharing projects is a PITA. There's no easy way to let your team have access to all newly created projects. Also, the projects structure isn't shared, so sharing a new subproject causes havoc in the teammate's projects structure, and the teammate needs to manually configure the projects structure according to it's intended layout.

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    • The Todoist app is ruthlessly efficient in helping me capture my tasks no matter when or where I am. Bring collaborators into a project, or a task is a snap. When I'm creating a recurring task, and hopefully a positive habit, or when I am reflecting on my productivity, Todoist works.

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    Taskful 2.0

    Deadlines, meet your match.

    Justin Nipper made this product
    I'd say give Taskful a shot. You can find Taskful in both the App Store and Google Play Store. We believe managing life should be easy and we think Taskful makes that happen. We're in the process of making Mac/Linux/Windows and web apps. So right now we're only mobile. But, that should change within the next couple of months. Full disclosure, I'm one of the makers and we try to be responsive on the line. :) So if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out. Hope you find something that works well for you.
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    • Saevant
      SaevantInteractive Developer

      This app is really beautifully designed, and I'm a todo app addict kind of lol. This is way nicer to use than Microsoft To-Do.


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    • Nathan Keen
      Nathan KeenUX/UI Designer

      Information architecture fail:

      No sectioning for tasks or projects -- so you get 10+ and you're gone. You are in procrastination heaven.

      Task managment fail (!?!):

      (1) You can't add more than about 15 projects - you run out of colours and the screen goes white and the projects are greyed out (?!).

      (2) You can't edit tasks after you write them - only tick them off. And if you accidentally tick them, you can't untick them.

      FOCUS/productivity fail:

      (1) When you miss a SINGLE day of tasks, it's lumped into "Today", so you lose any benefit of focusing (plus you can't edit the date - and if you could, you can't do it quickly enough to be beneficial).

      (2) When you are adding a task via a category it's automatically got a date - but then you've got to move it every single time you don't complete it (x50 tasks/day). So this is a waste of time. It should default to no date unless you choose one, or there be a bulk way to select and change dates.

      (How can I say this so confidently? I'm writing a productivity course, and I've used almost every to-do app out there.)

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    Capture ideas, things to do and places to see

    Alex Gervais
    Alex GervaisDesigner, Cofounder of @reminderliner Β· Written
    My go to! I really like the UI and how easy it is to share lists. Occasionally I have some syncing problems, but overall it delivers a great experience.
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    Mohib Hassan
    Mohib HassanCo Founder at Budsy Β· Written
    Simple to use for personal work.
    • Alex Pasternak
      Alex PasternakLead Software Developer, Kronos

      I've tried this app many times, but really fail to see what people see in it. It fails my basic use cases of even a grocery list, where I need to complete an item, have it hidden, then uncomplete it when it's needed again, easily.

      But then again, Todoist also fails this. Perhaps these are great for one-time use and throw away items. I use AnyList, and would otherwise use Paperless on iOS (or now Ikiru) before either of those.

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    • Grigory Ptashko
      Grigory PtashkoHashnews, Developer

      If you're a minimalistic approach lover then you should definitely check Wunderlist. It's doesn't eat much resources if you keep it open all the time. Lists of tasks, starring tasks is the best simple and productive way of tasks' prioritization. It also has a great feature of adding a task or searching for a task without going to the main window. Just use a keyboard shortcut for this.

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    The task management tool, completely redesigned

    Tejas Kinger
    Tejas Kinger20SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc Β· Written
    Asana works really well too! Particularly love how you can follow-up on tasks through email reminders.
    Dima Afonin
    Dima AfoninFounder at Outmarketing Β· Written
    Asana is a primary planning tool in our small marketing agency. It's not very friendly nor particularly very responsive. Still it does deliver a great deal of use for tam work. But I wouldn't recommend it for personal tasks.
    • Rita Viana
      Rita VianaGraphic Designer

      I recommend Asana to everyone who is trying to get a more organized life.

      It's good to everything, it's free (until 15 members) and you can choose from 2 different styles: list or board. You can create unlimited projects, you can share tasks between projects with a click, there are chat boxes in every task, it's user friendly and their help forum is ultra helpful even if you never payed a penny to them.

      I can't live without Asana. Just the most amazing thing ever.

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    • Veronika
      VeronikaInbound Marketing Manager

      I've used a few project management tools in the past and Asana is the only one that makes me genuinely happy and more productive (at work and with my side hustles).

      I can't recommend this tool enough for its ease of use, features and user experience. As a cherry on top, Asana's vision to help teams collaborate and do their best work is one that I can personally identify with!

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    A simple and effective to-do list and task manager

    It syncs easily between a lot of native apps. I personally use it on my iphone, apple watch and macbook. TickTick has one big plus for me and that is that I can add descriptions at every ToDo I add. That was one thing I really need as an entrepreneur and project manager.
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    Zenkit Desktop Apps

    Organize your projects and team. Now on Mac, Windows, Linux.

    Zenkit is a great project management solution, that allows different data views on your projects like a mindmap, kanban board, spreadsheet, to-do list, and calendar. Switch views any time and be as productive as ever. Also available on desktop apps for Windows, Mac and Linux. Disclaimer: I work at Zenkit
    • David Bressler
      David BresslerAuthor, Speaker

      It's a really easy to use solution for tracking your projects and workload, regardless of how simple or complex a system you use for doing so.

      I enjoy it because it allowed me to start with a simple list, but then move to a visual representation over time.

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    • Kishore Bhargava
      Kishore BhargavaPerpetual Learner, Confirmed Geek.

      Love the new desktop app for Zenkit. Have only tried on Mac OS but I am guessing even the Windows app would be smooth.

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    Drag Pro

    Transform Gmail into organized To Do lists (like Trello)

    Nick Timms
    Nick TimmsDrag is live today (12th July)! Β· Written
    Nick Timms made this product
    It does all of this, in your inbox. (It's live on Product Hunt today too! 13th Feb 18)
    I just love how it organizes my inbox just the way I like it.
    • Alexandra Balkova
      Alexandra BalkovaMD @Wise Guys, Dealflow @WannaBiz

      Testing for 2 months already, downloaded in December. Despite the bugs, I can not stop using it, cause for now I can't imagine my inbox not being perfectly organized as it was before. I see product is definitely improving, so I believe the team will deal with all the bugs & conflicts with other extensions. Cause Drag helps me a lot. Thanks for the product.

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    • Peter Banerjea
      Peter BanerjeaCo-Founder, SuccessIsWhat

      Extremely useful for anyone who spends a lot of time communicating outside the company - salespeople, support folks, PR people, procurement guys, etc. What I love most is the simplicity of it - which makes it very easy to get your people to adopt it!

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    The smart to-do list

    Raul Rocawabe
    Raul RocawabeFreelance web designer at Β· Written
    simple is the key
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    Google Keep

    Save your thoughts, wherever you are

    Sahil Sardessai
    Sahil SardessaiExperience designer, autodidact Β· Written
    Another great tool for managing to-dos, capturing stray thoughts, and having a visual dashboard for brainstorming and planning things. It's cross-platform (has apps for all major platforms, works great on the Web).
    Lennon Jesus
    Lennon JesusCo-founder @ Β· Written
    Google Keep is simple, but is multiplatform and free. :)
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    Organize all aspects of your life with

    Ilya Azovtsev πŸ’Œ+πŸ€–=πŸš€
    Ilya Azovtsev πŸ’Œ+πŸ€–=πŸš€5Help sales team close more in less time Β· Written
    Love this!
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    Project management & team collaboration tool

    Kate Lynska made this product
    A young but fast-growing startup, we try to combine the flexibility of Jira and achievements of modern technologies to create something new and convenient for todays' teams.
  13. Klaus Sinani made this product
    Ao is pretty much a Microsoft To-Do cross-platform desktop app, based on Electron, with lots of extra useful features and additions.
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    Omnifocus 2 for Mac

    Put your life in perspective and get things done

    Raul Rocawabe
    Raul RocawabeFreelance web designer at Β· Written
    Most advanced GTD app!
  15. 1

    Tasks management for productivity junkies

    I'd say this falls roughly between Todoist and Omnifocus. I find it to be a happy medium between comprehensive and overly-meticulous.
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    Notion 1.0 Web + Mac App

    Docs, wikis, tasks – a minimal & unified workspace for teams

    Sahil Sardessai
    Sahil SardessaiExperience designer, autodidact Β· Written
    This is great for project management, and having your personal digital dashboard where you can manage and plan your workflow. Ideal for small and medium-sized teams, but it also works great for personal management. It's cross-platform and has apps for Mac, Windows and iOS so far. It works great on the Web.
    • Kiran Kunigiri
      Kiran KunigiriA guy who makes cool stuff.

      Overall, Notion is like a bunch of widgets and management apps combined into one awesome package. I've been using it for several months now, and it works really well. It's most useful for team projects, where you can make an entire directory of pages for the different types of tasks you need to handle, and keep all progress and information synced into one app.

      Being able to move content blocks and pages around makes it very easy to organize, and the comment feature makes it easy to start a new thread to discuss a topic. Integration is also great, since I can embed code, videos, and even Google Drive documents. You can also customize the look and feel of pages (I love being able to set icons and header images for each page) to make them easily recognizable, and create complex layouts. There is a huge list of features that makes it possible to do almost anything you would want to do in a management/organization app.

      It's still improving, and they have a list of new features coming soon (the one I'm excited for is being able to assign tasks to people). There's an iOS app beta (that doesn't work on my device currently). There are a few minor bugs that I come across, but it's nothing that distracts you from using it. It's a solid app that I'll continue to use for both group and individual projects.

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    • Brad Dunn
      Brad DunnProduct guy at @Ohno

      I actually was just so sick of confluence and was asking someone at #Productboard about what they use and they told me about this. It's just pretty fun to use. Also the free trial is helpful if you're a small startup.

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    Beautiful team chat with tightly integrated task management

    Stowe Boyd
    Stowe Boydfuturist, researcher, imperfectionist Β· Written
    I like the task model of Flow, but I don't use the chat side.
    • Alex Heeton
      Alex HeetonProduct & Technology consultant

      My team switch to Flow a few months ago and we've been really enjoying it. Coming from Trello after it got a little bloated with all our process on top of the simple lists, this was just enough organisation on top to get things going again. I really recommend it for small teams.

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    • Julian Dormon
      Julian DormonFounder of and

      Can't live without this product. Managing my project and people has never been easier.

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    Simple Todo

    Open source task manager, straight to the point ✍

    Toni Codina
    Toni CodinaEntrepreneur, designer & Noon founder πŸ’ƒπŸ» Β· Written
    Toni Codina made this product
    If you want something simple and without hassle, Simple Todo is perfect for you.
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    Lean project management, simplified

    Built-in pomodoro timer and great reports. I use it for my weekly planning. Works very well on mobile too (just add it to your homescreen). Here is a nice overview of the app :
    • Ethan
      EthanπŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ€ Making KanbanMail & Code The Web

      I would definitely recommend this over Trello. It has a smaller user base and therefore less support, but it is still worth the switch. While the free plan is amazing and I used it for over a year, the paid plan is even more awesome and is a very fair price for what it offers.

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    • Michael Irvine
      Michael IrvineFounder, Joiner

      I've used KanbanFlow for two years (maybe more) to track personal tasks, work stuff, projects, and more. I highly recommend it!

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